Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anyone have any advice for someone aspiring to become a makeup artist?

If you have experience in the field that would be awesome. I've just been looking online and have read some great advice such as volunteering in theaters, cosmetlogy school, makeup courses, getting mentored by a MUA, among other things.

It would be great if you could offer some fresh ideas! (even if you aren't a makeup artists)Anyone have any advice for someone aspiring to become a makeup artist?
I went to Make-up school about 10 years ago. I had initially thought I wanted to do hair and make-up but I didn't think I could afford cosmetology school. So I researched a ton of schools and decided on M.U.D. they had great courses that were really specific to what I wanted to learn which was beauty make-up for film or photography. I really loved it! It was amazing the confidence you have after graduating! The down side to this is that I should have gone to cosmetology school. Even though you might not use the hair part of your education just having that on your resume is a step ahead of the rest. Plus in cosmetology school your learn about skin, waxing, etc. all of which is really important knowledge to have when you are doing make-up. I know that cosmetology school is a big pain in the butt, it seems like an eternity to finish and is really expensive. Go can find scholarships or loans that you can pay off over 100 years. It is worth it. All that experience will not only help you decide which side of beauty you really want to go into. After you get your license and you decide you still want to do just make-up then go ahead and go to a make-up school. They can teach you all the tricks of the trade that beauty school won't. After getting all this great education you will need to start working for free. Which means reading all the trade publications in your area and work on every low budget or no budget student film you can get your hands on. You need as much stuff on your resume as possible. Usually along the way you will make some great connections that will slowly get you paying jobs. If you want to work steadily then you really need to be in New York, Los Angeles or someplace with a lot of entertainment like Las Vegas. There you will be able to get the most work. One thing to remember is that being a make-up artist is not glamorous. You need to have really thick skin because even though you put 100% into your work not everyone will like it. There will always be someone commenting on your work and telling you how to do it better. You need to be able to read minds and decipher what a director or client really wants. The best part is watching your creations come to life! Good luck!Anyone have any advice for someone aspiring to become a makeup artist?
If you plan to work in print or tv get the hair fashion and styling career guide by crystal wright (sp?)
Haha in your other question I meant to put MONKEY

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