Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok i am olive complexion and need advice on changing makeup?

curently i am using loreol true match in caramel foundation.and i wear black liquid eyeliner with broneze eyeshadow and blushes are cupid by clinique and i kind of have tan skin i want to know people with not too dark not too light skin what kind of makeup u wear. my lips are not pink they have purple hue to them. i am tired of same old makeup.

thanksOk i am olive complexion and need advice on changing makeup?
my skin is like yours, but my lips aren't purplely. You should use the foundation that best suits you. if you want to change than get bare minerals because it works soooo well. ditch the makes your eyes look so small, but don't change it if you wear it every day and people are used to you with it on because thats looks weird sometimes. put on a light sheer pinky blush to bring out your tan cheeks and curl your eyelashes and put on mascara. less is more in the makeup world and you can look amazing if you just wear a touch. hope this helped, but expiriment with what you already have and then come up with something, because then you can see how it actually looks on you. hope this helped and good luck!Ok i am olive complexion and need advice on changing makeup?
i think some facial care is needed to improve skin try the brand 'SIMPLE'..for skin is quite useful lol..i use does show improvement in skin

...use makeup from Fasio..they have new products in september tat r quite gd..
I love using the products by Bee Luscious Cosmetics.

I would suggest any of these many variations:

Retexturizing primer a must have for all

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation

Safari Mineral Bronzer in Congo

Eyes: Gold minx , bronzite, cashmere or Brazilian nut are great colors

Lips: LipTox Sheers in Contessa or Princess great colors sheer , sexy and seductive .

search under bee royal products

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