Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Any tips for a haircut/color or makeup advice?

I have long straight medium brown hair, heart shaped face, hazel eyes. Full lips, olive complextion...Any tips for a haircut/color or makeup advice?
You may want to try earth tones. Colors like browns, purples, and greens will make your eyes stand out even more. Browns and colors like that should look better on you too since you're a brunette.

Also feel free to experiment with different colors, if you have hazel eyes! People with a heart shaped face tend to look better with hair cuts that are up to the or chin or long and layered, but it's all what you prefer.

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For straight brown hair, try something that will frame your face, for this to work best, ask for layers that will draw attention to your cheek bones. An olive complexion, try a mineral based foundation and blush. Have two sets of foundation, one for winter/fall, and one for spring/summer. The same for blushes. But the blush should match the colour of your cheeks after a workout. Use a black mascara, although a dark brown will work as well. Use a chocolate brown eyeliner and outline all the way around your eyes. Follow that up with a light bronze eye shadow. Sweep that from the inner corner to ther outer corner, but only go a little above the eyelid crease. Hope that helps!
well get a lot of layers what ever you do. maybe side bangs. or face framing lyers because you have a narrow chin...for make up, try purples and golds. neutral lips with a berry tint would look great on you.

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