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Any makeup advice for a 14 year old?

so i'm going into high school, and my mom in finally letting me wear makeup. i usually just wear eyeliner and mascara, but i want to start wearing foundation or something. i have some acne scares that i want to cover up, but my mom says that it's too long of a day to wear foundation and it just makes your skin break out. so any advice?Any makeup advice for a 14 year old?
Don't go overboard on the makeup when you first start wearing it, young girls tend to do this!

I would recommend using a concealer to hide the acne scarring instead of a foundation, as some foundations do break you out! Set your face with a pressed powder such as Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder (it is cheap but does the job). You can also pop this in your purse to control shine throughout the day! Add a little bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks to brighten up your face, and maybe put on a neutral shade of eyeshadow - like a taupe or champagne colour, and some mascara!

:) Keep it natural - good luck!Any makeup advice for a 14 year old?
im your age and i was obsessed with makeup last ..stalking youtube videos about foundation and stuff lol xD

there are foundations that don't make you break out. i can understand that early teens like us have issues with acne, so the best you can do right now is the get a skin care routine if you've got reoccurring breakouts that not only happen on those once-a-month periods. if you need help with that, just email me and i'll give you the details since the description is kinda long ...

so anyway, back to foundation...get something like Revlon new complexion that is not oil based and says on the back that it is non-comodogenic (or something) which means it doesnt clog pores. all you have to do is make sure you wash it off at the end of the day. if you don't have any foundation brushes, get some wedges at the drugstore for a buck or two so that you can evenly apply the foundation (cuz ur worse off with uneven muddy looking foundation than no foundation at all!) :) oh , and adding a nice little blush over it is a refreshing touch :D

i cant live without eyeliner haha :P

oh, and for scars, you can get something like bio-oil or mederma, anything that has Vitamin E in it, because it's very healing acne scars or scars in general. also it helps with redness/imbalanced skin pigmentation...and if you try it out and it works for you, the foundation wont be necessary since your skin will even out :)
i recommend No7 Protect and Perfect Mascara

its amazing

or if your mum is against foundation use a tinted moisturiser

such as olay touch of foundation

also use the Simple facial care range

i use this and i am soo happy with my skin

always make sure you have some SudoCrem baby nappy rash cream to apply to spots in case of a break out and Garnier Spot On Roll On x
14-year-olds shouldnt wear makeup
Maybe just use concelear.

Foundation can someone just look too much.

As well as that, try using something to help the scars fade, I heard bio-oil's quite good.

Use a bit of blusher was well and some chapstick, you'll look natural and lovelyy like you dont need to overdo it (:
Just use a super thin makeup like maybaline%26gt; and dont cake it on appky it lightly
Use a mineral foundation - it's a loose powder containing minerals and is so much better on you're skin, and it also works as a concealer, so you're saving money. Most drugstores do mineral foundations, and I know Maybelline do one for a decent price. All you do is swirl a Kabuki brush (a stumpy brush, which can also be found in drugstores) in the mineral foundation and buff it in circluar motions into you're skin. I've been using makeup for 5 years, and I've tired many types of foundation (liquid, pressed, cream.) and I've found mineral works the best! I also think you should stick to some dark brown eyeliner and mascara for school. Good luck finding something! :)
You should ask your mom to get you bare minerals, yeah it may cost a little much, but it comes with everything that you need. two foundations, two blushes, and some brushes. And it last you a really long time. It's natural, and doesn't make your skin oily or greasy.

You can find bare minerals at ULTA for about 50-60 bucks, i'm not sure if they have went down any since last year.

i use this and it has actually helped with my acne, and i'm 19 years old!

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