Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can you give me any makeup advice?

hey everybody! i just started wearing makeup recently, and i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice like what colors and what brands are best. and do you wear eyeliner? im not exactly sure how to get mine right, it looks kinda funny...oh yeah, and how do you get mascara and eyeliner off? i dont like raccoon eyes, lol. well anyway, i'm just looking for some advice, so any tips are great.Can you give me any makeup advice?
Okay, I think the best thing you can do is experiment.

Eyeliner is for dark haired people, but it can work for light haired people also but it mostly for dark haired people. Anyways what you could do is get foundation that is your color many people dont use the right color which in result looks really bad.

The way you can get it off is wash your face, use soap when your taking a bath/shower and wash it off while in there. If that doesn't help then get Q-Tips and wet them and get your eyeliner and mascara off, thats what I do sometimes. :)

But, once you start wearing makeup you have to experiment and you will get lots better. :)Can you give me any makeup advice?
1. The best way to remove is by washing your face with a mild cleanser that can be used on eyes and then follow with any make-up remover. I have used everything from Loreal to Chanel and its really all the same.

2. I would get the right kind of make-up by going to a department store brand to have your make-up done for you, where they can show you that looks best on you. I would stick with a more modest brand like Bobby Brown or Clinique if you have not been wearing make-up for long. After you become comfortable, then you can get any kind from any line.

P.S. I LOVE Bobby Brown and would go with their gel liner, its the best
to get it off i use pond's cold cream (it's like in any makeup aisle) it works for sensitive skin and it works (it is a little oily though) you should also always wash after

most of the brands that i get are either covergirl (eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and blush) or bonnebell (it's kinda hard to find but i really like their eyeshadow)

hope this helps! :)
I'm really into dark and gothic stuff so i-liner is a must. I just use i-liner n some lip gloss and I'm set. I like Covergirl, Victoria's Secret, Mac, and Avon. For the i-liner, the bes I could say is to practice n u'll get it. My technique is a straight line thats not too thick. I use balck or blue or prple i-liner ((purple wen i feel silly)) n sheer gloss. Hope I helped=D

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