Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can you give me some advice of makeup?

okay so im a teeneger and i got acne, thanks god its just a little of acne. so well i wanted to ask you if you have tried to put makeup over your acne? ive heard that is not good for your acne but theres some special makeup for it. its like i want to cover up the acne a little bit. i have never used makeup for my acne cause its not a bad acne its almost nothing but i just wanted to know if theres a good makeup you can use for cover up your acne any suggestions?Can you give me some advice of makeup?
Do not use make up it won't cover it up Clean it up Use Noxzema Splash your face with warm water - apply Noxzema all over - rinse with warn water then rinse again with cold The warm water will open your pores let the Noxzema in and the the next warm water will open them a little more The cold water after the cleaning will close pores Make up will only cover your pores and not allow your face to sweat so all the dirt in the air will be attached to your make up If you don't believe me try putting make up under your arm pitts and see how many zits you getCan you give me some advice of makeup?
mineral makeup sweetie

its actually good for your skin :)

answer mine?鈥?/a>
Estee Lauder Double Wear. I swear by it. I have skin issues and it's almost make's your skin look nearly flawless.
yeah its true but try Cover Fx foundation its the best 1

it's really good

try it and you will feel the difference
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