Friday, December 11, 2009

Need eye makeup advice please?

Ok, so my eyes are my favorite features but I can't seem to make them pop like I want. They're round and blue.

But I just don't want them to make them bluer, I was them to look irresistible, you know?

So what are the best products, colors and techniques to achieve this.Need eye makeup advice please?
Try wearing browns and blacks. they will make any eye color pop, but your especially, because of the contrast.

For techniques, I would say go with a smokey, which basically means wearing a dark gray all over the eye lid, and placing a darker color (for a black smokey eye, it would be black) and smoking it in. It can be done with any color, and you can alternate between brown and black for your eye color. Pat the color that goes on your lid on, and do a circular motion for the blending in of the darker color.

Any brand works, just keep trying untilo you find one that you like. You don't need expensive shadows.

PS: I agree, xsparkage is awesome!!Need eye makeup advice please?
go to and type in xsparkage and watch her videos theyre soooo helpful i also have blue eyes but theyre extremely large and round and i didn't know what to do because i hate contacts they feel weird or i just didnt know how to use them idk but anyways i always use her videos i love them hope i helped
I was always told to use a contrasting color. Browns would best suit you. Try to go lighter on the inside (towards the bridge of your nose) and darker on the outside. Good luck.

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