Saturday, December 5, 2009

Give me any makeup tips/advice you have, Best one gets best answer?

Keep it NATURAL. Stray from lipliners, being decked out in makeup and unnatural colours (ie: green, purple, magenta, blue. They're fun to play with, but unless you shop at Libby Liu FORGET IT). For a natural look I give this advice to everyone:

Good colours: Silver (makes your eyes pop! Especially when you put a dab of it near your tear ducts with matching colours), black, gold and brown eyeshadow.

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, keep your top eyelids lined or brushed with something dark and the bottom lids lined with something light (or not at all). For smaller eyes, just do the opposite. Liquid eyeliner is best for meticulous looks, and pencil liner best for smudged, sultry looks (although I find pencil runs more than liquid).

Make sure to curl your lashes, to give yourself an awake look to make your eyes even bigger. As for mascara, keep it natural and only include your lower lashes if you want a flirty look. An eyelash brush is a MUST HAVE for clumps!!

If your eye makeup stays subtle, go for a red lip if you dare, but otherwise choose a glossy, light-coloured lip (colours bring attention to smaller mouths, but keep them subtle if you've decked yourself out in eyemakeup!).

And pinch your cheeks if you want a natural flush ;]Give me any makeup tips/advice you have, Best one gets best answer?
Pencil eyeliner sucks. Liquid is the best because it actually stays on. Get a color that matches your complexion and your eye color the best. For hazel/green brown or black is the best. Black looks terrible on blue eyes. I'd try a more subtle grey. For mascara if you have small eyelashes, use covergirl lash exact. It's kinda got this plastic brush that seperates your lashes really nicely. For big lashes try Rimmel London's LashMAXXX mascara. It really intensifies your eyes and makes your lashes gorgeous. I always carry around a stick of coverup; one that matches my skin color to apply on my undereyes. If i'm not wearing it on my undereyes I look tired. For foundation never use liquid, you'll break out in zits. ALWAYS use powder. Get one that is a little bit darker than your skin color so you don't look like barbie and brush it on your face AND your shoulders so you don't just have a darker face. Btw- for mascara, get a color that works best. Black or brown; you decide. Whatever suits your personality is the best.Give me any makeup tips/advice you have, Best one gets best answer?
does make up look write when i put top eyeliner and mascara but not bottom eyeliner......
To define cheek bones:

Suck in your cheeks so you can see where they are

apply bronzer (not really really dark just a light 1) under the cheekbone to the hairline apply a highligher powder above the bronzer again to the hairline then smile and apply the cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend the blush in
for a sexy but subtle look, use eyeshadow instead of eyeliner. use the side of the shadow brush and use it as though it were eyeliner.

avoid applying mascara to the bottom lashes- it makes your eyes look smaller.

don't use lip liner, it looks harsh to start with, and when the lipstick fades you're left with a bizarre line around your mouth.

highlight your eyes by putting silver or white eyeshadow on your brow bone from the center of your eye to the outside.

getting a highlighter powder can work wonders.

if you don't have a curling mascara, use an eyelash curler.
1) If you have decent to great skin, don't use foundation. use at least moisturizer and at most either one of the mineral sheer powders or a tinted moisturizer with SPF - Clinique makes a good one.

2) eyeliner and mascara are must haves. If you put on nothing else, this'll make you look dressed up. Use greys, browns, and purples are great for green, hazel and blue eyes. black eyeliner only looks really good on people with really dark eyelashes. gel or cream eyeliners are my personal favorite, esp. Smashbox, as they cost a bit more, but last forever.

3) very few people need lipliner. use a good lipgloss or stain for a natural look.

- Make up should make you look like a better version of you, but still very natural. don't overdo it. In this, as in many things, less is more!

if you have small eyes dont wear eye liner. and if you use dark eye shadows put it on the outer corners and maybe a lighter shade on the other corner. if you have blue eyes use blue eye liner eye shadows can be blue black green white pink brown eyes use red brown black green green eyes use green silver blue if you have full lips dont use lip liner but if you have thin use it dont put mascara on the bottom eye lashes

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