Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wedding makeup advice? What is the best foundation? Help??

I hate using foundation, and stopped like 7-8 years ago. Well now I'm getting married and want to look flawless, but not cakey. I did a consultation at MAC, but honestly felt they did my makeup too heavy. I want to look as much like myself as possible, but wearing a lot of makeup is just not my thing. Any recommendations on lightweight, barely there foundation?? I need help.....Wedding makeup advice? What is the best foundation? Help??
I just did a whole bridal party and the mothers make-up this last Saturday! Boy was it hectic! But really nice :)

I used a tinted moisturizer on all of them.. its really lite.. and then touched up the trouble spots with some concealer.. or regular foundation.. and then set it with a powder. It wasnt really heavy.. especially since its still in the hot month! And it lasted all the way thru the night! I hope this helps. The brand I use is Mary Kay. It doesnt leave your skin Shiny at all.Wedding makeup advice? What is the best foundation? Help??
The most important part of your wedding makeup, besides waterproof mascara, is a perfect looking skin. Learn how to apply wedding makeup with lots of tips and advice :
Absolutely!!!! It's by Aularale Cosmetics. They have the best make up I've ever used. It matches your skin and does not look or feel like you're wearing make up at all! And lucky for you, they have a website. Email me at
I agree with using tinted moisturizer. First, apply a good moisturizer. Apply a makeup base to your face and a base made for eyes (very, very thin swipe of MAC Paint works very well). Let this dry; it won't take long. Apply tinted moisturizer %26amp; concealer. Powder to set. MAC sells a spray called Fix+. It will seal your makeup. Spray a bit on your brushes before application and on your face when you're done.

Some makeup brands I like: Dior, MAC, Bare Escentuals Mineral makeup

The best way to achieve that flawless look is to use high quality makeup brushes and BLEND your makeup well.

Invest in high quality brushes, makeup primer, and patient blending techniques and it won't matter which brand of makeup you use.

If you want cheap but excellent eye shadows: try Milani brand. You can find them at Walgreens, CVS, Ulta, Target, etc.
Tru- Blend by Cover Girl blends really great ! You need no primer or powder just a little blush and a little mascara. You match it nearest you can to your skin tone . It looks so natural, I love it. And it's like your wearing no make up at all. Try it!
Choose a mineral foundation. They give incredible coverage and it feels like you have NO make-up on. Swear. You want you to show on your big day. Plus something you can cry in.... :)
I am getting married in December..i too do not like regular facial makeup. I used to sell Mary Kay and the tinted moisturizer that the first person mentioned looked ok on but made my skin way to shiny (which you dont want too much shine in your pics). So i did some asking around and found out about this mineral makeup that makes your skin flawless and is all natural (some of the store brand mineral makeups arent). they give you free samples to try (all u pay is shipping) and that way you can figure out your perfect shade. They are reasonably priced and so far it feels great on my skin! Hope this helps!

Good luck!

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