Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Makeup advice please on avon products?

are face pearls the same as using blusher it says it gives cheeks a subtle,radiant sheen. Makeup advice please on avon products?
Not really the same as blusher it's much more subtle than blusher and you can hardly see it, I'd say it gives you a glow. They are ideal for pale skin

EDIT: You only need to put on a little bit otherwise it will look too pink. Just in case you don't know Avon has a 90 day money back guarentee so if you don't like the product you bought you can return it to your rep for a full refund, even if you have used it!Makeup advice please on avon products?
Yes agree with SarahLou - Another Avon Lady Here!

They have a very nice subtle healthy glow, very nice product Good Luck with it!x
its not same as blusher i have pearls too from avon its really nice just dab the spong on the pearls once is enough n tap slightly on cheeks x

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