Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I need some good makeup advice?

i have big eyes, they are blue and turn green sometimes. ive tried a tone of stuff, including eyeliners and putting makeup in different places and such, but i really need help cause they kind of go downward on the sides? idk. like if you look at other people they rise up at the sides. so i need help to make it look like mine do that, and i want to make them look kind of smaller, cause right now it looks ugly. so please help, any is appreciated. also i like natural, but whatever.I need some good makeup advice?
highlight your cheek bones with bronzer to add that lighter affect to take away from your eyes and blue and green eye shadows also really look good for those coloured eyes but don't use to much eyeliner with the bronzer eww clash and use blush and always mascara:)I need some good makeup advice?
well you could try some like line raiser if you like hate how your eyes look but it seams they wouldn't look bad. i have like big eyes too but mine are hazle. idk theres like this lorel like line lifter you can get i dont use it but my mum dose and it like gets ride of lines maybe you could try like raising your eye with it? or you could get like eye brow lifter and like try to raise your eye with that. and with like makeup.. like i dont use heavy eye liner alot like somtimes maybe but just put some on and then like put alot of masscara on thats what i do but you can do what u want cause its like your face! lol
use reddish browns and dont put too much on or else you will look trampy...

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