Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best makeup advice for black hair,brown eyes, and cappicino skin!?

I have school ID pictures this month! And i want to look really pretty, i want to know the best eyeliner,foundation,lip gloss for african-american cappicino skin! Nothing too extreme though, my mom has a thing about colors! also is there other eyeliner colors i could wear besides black? Thank u for ur time and advice!~~~~Bye!Best makeup advice for black hair,brown eyes, and cappicino skin!?
I would go to the library and check out books on colors for your skin tone.

Unless you have acne, instead of a liquid foundation you should use just a foundation powder in your skin tone.

Actually, Mary Kay ladies are the bomb. Seriously, they help out a lot... color choices and application tips! But if you just want to borrow a Mary Kay catalouge from one of you or your mom's friends, they tell you which colors are good for you.

But, from m perspective, I would say golds and tawny browns would be good for you. And, if you get a good mascara (the clear kind... more about it down there) you won't need eyeliner. But, if you still feel like yeliner, a medium brown will do.

Just make sure that whatever you use is fairly sheer. No heavy black eyeliner applied all the way around your eyes... it makes one look like a raccoon.

Clear mascara is also a pretty good bet; since your eyelashes are probably black already, you should just want to lengthen and volumize them slightly.

Good luck!Best makeup advice for black hair,brown eyes, and cappicino skin!?
i think you could line both your eyes with black eye liner and then wear peach colored creamy eyeshadow. OR line your eyes with black eyeliner lightly and then on the top lid, use gold eyeliner but make it a big streak. that would be pretty!

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