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Makeup advice. URGENT!!!!?

Ok. So. I am attending a formal dinner/party this weekend. I am wearing a hot pink shift dress with black heels and a black cardigan. But I have a problem. I have noooo idea what to do with my makeup. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, fairly pale. I need to know what colour eyeshadow etc. Any information would be sooo helpful. Thanks xxxMakeup advice. URGENT!!!!?
Its okay. Dont worry! Im here to help![:

Alright so if your goign to a formal dinner i would say a nice easy smokey eye to go with your black cardigan and shoes and pop out your beautiful blue eyes!

For a clean look put a piece of scotch tape from the corner of your eye to your eyebrow for a diamond kind of shape. First, get a light black/greyish color and apply it all the way to your crease. Then, take a darker black and only put it on the outside corner of your eye. Take the black/greyish color and apply it underneath your eye as well to bring out the color. Then take a black eyeliner and apply it to your upper and lower lids. Some nice black mascara to bring out your lashes will just top your eye make up off!

Then you can use a nice rosy blush to bring out your cheekbones and a clear gloss to make your lips looked plumped!

Remember to be easy with the black eyeshadow because you don't want to look too much! Being natural is key!

Hope i helped[:Makeup advice. URGENT!!!!?
maybe try black eye liner on the top lid w/ a light dusting of smoky brown eye shadow and then a pale pale lip gloss and some blush! Hope this helps!!!
wear dark brown eyeliner and mascara, i would use cover girl lash blast mascara and N.Y.C eye liner (NOT black, thats a no-no for a light skin/light hair/light eyes) and then look at you lips, what ever color your lips are, use a blush that is about the same color, you can use that color for your eye shadow if you want to. by the way your outfit sounds gorgeous i hope u have fun at ur party :D
I think black eyeliner on top lid. and maybe black eyeshadow. Brown would also go, but you should do it so it's toned, like light eyeshadow, then dark if you get me. :)
I would go with simple makeup; put on a little foundation with a pale pink blush. As for eyes; I would go with a neutral eyeshadow with blackish brown mascara and eyeliner. Putting on a little glitter or sparkles as well to make your makeup simple, but with a little pop!
go with the pink eyeshadow
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  • Makeup advice desperately needed!! Any help greatly appreciated. Please read the details.?

    What makeup tips could you offer me, based on my bone structure and coloring? I'm 19 and trying to actually look my age (I'm constantly getting told I look 15 or so). I also would just like to know what might look good on me. Here are a couple pictures of me.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    Thanks!!Makeup advice desperately needed!! Any help greatly appreciated. Please read the details.?
    You are a natural beauty as you are!

    If you want to wear makeup,keep it simple.

    The very first thing I noticed about you was your glowy skin!!! So play that up...

    Start with a sunscreen/moisturizer to protect that great skin. Dust with a finishing loose powder to set.

    A wonderful peachy/coral blush will really play that up, a little black mascara lightly coating your lashes and a bit of shimmery clear or coral toned lip gloss and you are set to go!

    Honestly, that's all you should aim for, because you truly have natural beauty.

    If you want to do something fun for evening.... maybe do just a light dusting of a beige shimmery shadow on the brow bone to play up the eyes and a smudge of a charcoal liner.

    Again.... keep it real simple. You are so very lucky to have such a pretty glow naturally.

    Work it, girl!Makeup advice desperately needed!! Any help greatly appreciated. Please read the details.?
    ooh you have lovely cheek bones : )
    The best thing you can do to look older is contouring your face. That is, use a powder (like a bronzer) that's darker than your skintone and blend it into all the recessed areas (under the cheekbones, the temples, under the jawline) and a slightly lighter colour than your skintone (subtle shimmer really helps) on the higher points (center of forehead, down the center of the nose, center of chin, over the jawline, ontop of your cheekbones). This gives your face a leaner, more sculpted look.

    As for colouring, it depends on your style and how you carry yourself. I'd say something like a gold shadow with a black liner, but that might just be totally not you.

    But either way, make sure your face has defnition. The contouring, the eyeliner even-- take some time to get it nice. A crisp liner with no bumps can make anyone look more mature. (try a gel liner with an angle brush, or even a wet shadow with an angle brush. Eyeliner pencils are just creams and can't hold a fine line) Add some long, curled lashes to open up the eyes, and you're good to go!

    Can't really give anymore advice without knowing you and your style better, but these ones are good for anyone.
    Hey beautiful! I suggest you use dark berry can pull it off because of you skin tone鈥hen use a gentle pinky blush and mascara. You will look fab..not that you really need makeup anyway. Good luck girl!
    I would stay away from bright cheeks or lips a small amount of color on the apples of your cheeks and a neutral gloss on your lips (try a gloss liner in a natural color to keep it in jelly gloss liner by rimmel) Dont put a dark line around your lips...some simple shadow in a light color all over your eyes then a medium shade on your lid and a darker shade under your lashes and just above the crease of yor eye, you are really pretty...if you can buy some inexpensive items and play with them, take pics of's better than a mirror to see how you like it...if not go somewhere they do free makeovers like kohls.
    earth tones on your lids, eyeliner, soft colors on your lips, and a little bit of neutral blush
    You are very pretty,you do not need the make up.Stay natural,
    Nuetrals on your lids.

    Pink blush.

    Berry lipstick or lipstain.
    To get the older look, try fine eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids. Smudge the top a bit to blend with the eyeshadow.

    If you use lip stick, get a lip pencil as the same shade of lip gloss/stick.

    Your very pretty. Good Luck
    I know it's not what you're looking for, but the best way to look your age is to stay really natural.

    maybe some black eyeliner, smudged a little. (bottom and top lash lines) and then some black mascara and a slightly lighter-than-your-skin-tone eyeshadow high up on your eyelashes and that's it.
    You're really pretty! I think a darker colored gloss on your lips would look older and sophisticated for you. Also, black mascara always brings out the eyes and looks nice.

    Makeup advice for school?

    Lately, I've been a bit bored with my usual makeup routine. I usually put on black eyeliner, mascara and minimal coverup because I don't really need it. I have greenish blueish yellow eyes, and an olive skin tone. Nothing fancy because it's for school. Any help?

    It would be most appreciated! :)Makeup advice for school?
    Try getting a different color eyeliner, like purple or forest green. It is a subtle way to change up your makeup routine but it will make your eyes pop. You should also get blush. Peach blush usually looks good on olive skin tones. It will really wake up your face.Makeup advice for school?
    Once you wake up, brush your teeth and wash your face. Make sure you wash your face with a cleanser.

    Take a nice warm shower.

    When you get out of the shower, pat your face dry with a CLEAN towel. Don't rub your face with the towel. That could cause serious damage to your skin.

    Gently massage in a face moisturizer while your face is a little damp.

    Apply foundation. The best kind of foundation to use is mineral powder so it won't clog your pores. You can also try other things, but always remember to wash them off by the time you go to bed - breakouts will wreck your look.

    Apply blush or bronzer to your cheeks to highlight and add dimension.

    Use a soft-colored eyeshadow for your eyes. You want your makeup to bring out your true beauty. Keep it simple and natural.

    Curl your lashes with a lash curler.

    Apply a natural-colored eye liner only if you really need it. Apply it lightly.

    Apply mascara to your lashes. Use clear, brown or black, depending on your needs, but be careful with black mascara - it can look very stark on some people.

    If your lips need color, gently blot on a little lipstick.

    Apply a layer of lip gloss over the lipstick or your natural lips for a little color and shine. If that looks to gaudy on you, just use a moisturizing lip balm.

    Touch up any areas you missed with your foundation, and blend it well along your jawline. If your face is now a different shade than your neck, brush a little bit of foundation down your neck.
    I think a pretty blue would look nice. Try HIP by L'oreal Paris. They have some very pretty blue colors. They are about $6 each, but they come with two colors in each container. They also have a nice gold paired with purple that might look nice on you.
    Playing with eye shadows is always a fun way to mix things up. Also, tinted lip glosses. Since it's for school, you definitely want to keep it simple.
    I always say at the very least...concealer where you need it, mascara, blush %26amp; lip color. This is 5 minutes or less, wakes up the face and you still feel polished.
    Maybe a little bronzer on your cheeks and forehead?

    Makeup advice please?

    I have very dry skin and would like to find a way of applying makeup that will help to keep my skin glowing. I usually use a bit of concealor under my eyes, but even after moisturising I find that a few hours later it has all dried and under my eyes look disgusting. I suffer from dark circles under my eyes (their not that dark, but hereditary and since i havent gotten much sleep look terrible lately) im only 18 and i have so many problems with my skin which is getting me down. please help!Makeup advice please?
    Get yourself some Dr Feelgood from Benefit cosmetics. It comes in a little tin and looks like a white balm or wax and it costs about 拢20. The packaging says to use after foundation but I spoke to my skincare consultant and he said you can use it beforehand. Apply your moisturiser and then use the Dr Feelgood over the top, it will 'lock in' the moisture and also make your skin feel smooth. They apply your concealer on top.

    Good luck :)Makeup advice please?
    Make sure you use a night cream each night and a day cream before you apply your makeup. What about using something like bio oil as part of your routine, it's meant for dry/problem skin. You should also drink lots and try and eat your 5 a day (unless already doing so!) once you have tried that routine you might find your makeup is easier to apply.

    As for your makeup what about trying a tinted moisturiser? Also YSL's Touche Eclait is great on dark circles and is easy to apply.
    I have dry skin aswell and i know what a nightmare it is!

    Before i apply make up, i wash my face and then put moisturizer on.

    I then apply my make up... And i mix my foundation with a little moisturizer and this works for me!

    My skin looks dewy afterwards :)

    Maybe you should try a different brand of concealer! I use MAC Studio stick concealer and MAC MoistureBlend Foundation and it doesnt make my skin flaky at all!
    Neutrogena has a moisturizer that is works really well and it is tinted. I would suggest going to buy that. It would provide some color but it moisturizes really well. You can apply your other makeup over it.
    apply moisturizer before bed and in the morning before putting your concealer on.

    or you can try a foundation that is oil free like pure makeup from Maybelline. Just apply a light layer with a makeup sponge.
    you should wash your face really good at night and apply a soft coat off coco butter it works really good for me and my face is really soft

    Makeup advice - foundation?

    I have sort of pale skin and I like to wear light foundation and colour with bronzer or blush. What's a good breezy light fresh foundation thats low on cost?

    Thanks :)Makeup advice - foundation?鈥?/a>

    awesome light foundation鈥?/a>

    in peach palette. use the darkest shade and blend a bit below ur cheekbone. then use the medium shade and apply on top of cheekbone and blend where the 2 shades meet. the put the lightest one just above your cheekbone as a highlight

    hope i hlpd :]Makeup advice - foundation?
    I use a light foundation from Mark(Avon) it leaves your skin feeling nice and fresh and costs $8.
    You need to find what specifically works for your skin type

    You may want to try going to your nearest drugstore and testing certain products from mass produced lines such as covergirl or maybelline

    If you have a larger budget, go to sephora and ask a saleswoman to find one for you and you can test it

    Do you need makeup advice?

    visit my site

    it has all my favorite products, and everything you need to know about different cosmetics.

    if you have a picture of a celebrity and want to know what products to use / how to apply it to acheive their style, just leave a request as a comment and i'll post it in its own separate blog! let me know what you think; i'm here to help!Do you need makeup advice?
    good work! i will start using your site! :-)

    Back-to-School Makeup advice?

    I need a new look for high school. I have medium brown colored hair and side bangs. It goes down just past my shoulders. Long eyelashes and hazel eyes (brown and green). Light skin and a small amount of freckles. Any advice for anything? Eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips, hair ideas, foundations?

    Thank you!Back-to-School Makeup advice?
    aww you sound like me!!!

    unless you have acne dont wear foundations and all that,

    we mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes noticable and some lip gloss

    andd blush or bronzer.. idk which ever you like!!

    and hair

    idk if your hair is razored, but if you wanna try something new. its really in!! and just wear cute clothes of course! =]Back-to-School Makeup advice?
    go for a natrual look:

    eyes: light lines of black eyeliner on BOTTOM ONLY

    lashes: ONE coat of mascara on top and bottom

    face: NO FOUNDATION, instead try mineral powder to even out skin

    lips: a little gloss OR light pink lipstick

    Cheeks: a little PINK blush that matches the lipstick!!

    TA DA!
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  • I need some makeup advice!!!?

    I am white, and have bluish green eyes with dark strawberry blonde hair. I need something makeup tips. I am kinda young and I try to stay away from lots of eyeliner, but I just can't help it... i think it looks so good. But anyway, do you have any advice for what i told you above and this is just for a everyday school look.I need some makeup advice!!!?
    just eyeliner and mascara, keep it simple bc when your that young and you overdo your makeup, you look old and hooker like, which im sure you dont do, since you have bluish green eyes, i advise you to try a wee little bit of eye shadowthat compliments your tones ( just dont over do it)I need some makeup advice!!!?
    The picture you gave seems very nice. If I were you I wore light or dark pink lipsticks and light blue eyeliner.

    which make you look more beautiful and have school look too.

    I need makeup advice?

    I'm a dancer and I need something to make my eyes pop on stage. I'm looking for the best glittery eyeshadow or lose glitter for eyes available. It has to be long lasting, and relatively inexpensive. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking for something you can buy in the cosmetics section of a drug store.I need makeup advice?
    The best thing to do is find an eye shadow PRIMER. This will make your eyeshadow last a long time.

    Then, find any glittery eyeshadow you want in the drugstore. Pick what you like, It doesn't;t matter so much cuz the primer will make it last.I need makeup advice?
    um...i'm not sure about cheap ones, but urban decay does AMAZING glitter eyeliners in like every colour, they're SO good. They're 拢11.50 in england, not sure about america. I think you can buy it from most department stores and maybe some drugstores. Good luck, hope i helped and good luck for your dance show :) x
    well honestly i would say MAC eyeshadows , but inexpensive i would saay .. maybeline eyeshadow . its pretty good and they have amazing colors !
    check out loreal h.i.p. stuff its funky and i wear it alot because it comes in such cool colors

    or check out urban decay at sephora its a litle more expensive but also really glam looking

    I need makeup advice please?

    I'm wanting to switch makeup or just start over, can i have some advice on colors, brands on what I should do...he's a link鈥?/a>I need makeup advice please?
    Mac is defintiely a great brand. For your every day makeup, I would go with a little bit of bronzer to add warmth to your skin tone. You can't forget the eyeliner and mascara. As for eyeshadow, a light blue, olive green, or warm brown would be great with your skin. Add a little coat of gloss and you are good to go!

    I hope I helped! Good luck!I need makeup advice please?
    Cant never go wrong with neutral colors.. Revlon 2 in one makeup is great.. you should probably wear the ';sand beige'; i believe it's #3. On your eyelids.. go with light beige and darker brown above. Blk mascara and soft lipgloss like sand color.

    I would put some mousse on your hair and use a diffuser..and dont forget the silver hoops earings.

    Wanna see the afterwards. :P

    Good luck
    i think you need to go to the spa .
    you look perfect,,,love the glasses

    Ok so I need some makeup advice?

    Okay. so i dont have a fat face because im not chubby...but I have a big round face. and id really like to know how to slim it down. any advice or makeup tricks?

    heres a picture so you can see what im talking about.鈥?/a>Ok so I need some makeup advice?
    your face is not round at all but contouring ur cheeks will slim your cheeks down Ok so I need some makeup advice?
    Your face isn't round, sweetie, but I think I know what you're talking about.

    Try using blush to make your cheekbones look more defined, that should help...Also, use some awesome eye makeup to draw the attention to your eyes, if you're self conscious about your face shape.
    you don't even have a round face retard.

    i'm not even going to give you advice. you're f!!!cking ridiculous if you think you have a round face. wow, RE-TARD!
    u look perfectly fine. srsly. i'm not just saying it to get 10 points. u. look. fine. dont worry about something that doesnt exist. :)
    I think your face shouldnt change
    omg i love your face! it matches you. im serious, but id say be a vegiterian for a week :)
    well i think that bronzer on your cheek bones create a longer looking face. You eyebrowsthat'ss the key. A good arch can change the face completely.So take some money and go have themdon'tt professionally. By the way you don'tt have a very round face your very pretty.

    Any eye makeup advice...?

    So my favorite features are my eyes, b/c they're green, but the shape is kinda small and heavy-lidded

    Anyone have any tips to make them look larger and wider, or bring out the color more?

    Thanks!Any eye makeup advice...?
    watch this!

    Practice the lash curler if you're new to it, it will be uncomfortable at first but it's easy to get used to and try the white liner thing, it really works!!!Any eye makeup advice...?
    Hmm, for making your eyes bigger, I've heard that putting white eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes makes it a lot bigger looking, I'm not totally sure if it's true or not but you should try it (: Also, I think maybe putting some gold colored eyeshadow would look good with your eyecolor. Oh, and maybe try putting some concelear under your eyes so you lookk more awake. Hope this helped (:
    Using a light color shadow from lid to brow will open up the eye. Also, skip the heavy brown liner. It makes your eyes look smaller. If you are wearing colored shadow, be sure to use a highlighting color (like a sparkly cream) in the corners of your eye and at the middle of the browline. Hope that helps!
    Well, since your eyes are green you don't want to go for too much of a black look.

    You could use some dark green eyeliner on the top of your lids

    and than don't put any liner into your water line.

    If you would like you could apply some right outside your water line, which is right in the bottom lashes.

    and alot of mascara helps bolden eyes out.
    Me too! make sure you dont use eyeliner around your whole eye, make sure the bottom eye connects to the top on the corner of your eye, also use an eyelash curler and a good mascara!

    I need makeup advice?

    I am young and I need help. I am aloud to wear makeup but idk what kinda to us like I have foundation and stuff, but should I wear mascara and Eyeliner? Please help meI need makeup advice?
    A little bit of mascara is really all you need, too much make up on a child or young teen does not look well.

    If you are young and have good skin then you won't need foundation, better that you keep your face relatively make up free so as not to block your pores.I need makeup advice?
    it depends really. if you dont need to wear foundation then dont, chances are if your still quite young you have good skin anyways, and wearing foundation is only going to cause you to start getting spots.

    you should just go for natural, with a bit of mascara and maybe some blusher for during the day and stuff, then that way when you have an occasion, like a party or something you can put a little more on, maybe eyeliner and eyeshadow and stuff, then people will notice a difference and it will just be like a nice way to help you dress up a bit rather than being like a daily chore of putting make up on.

    hope that helped.. i kinda blabbed on a bit. haha

    Well if you're young, you probably don't need foundation, but if you want to, i strongly suggest bare minerals. The mineral foundation doesn't clog your pores, and makes it good for your skin. Then, if you want eyeshadow, keep it natural and go for a neutral shade like something close to your skin color. Also a peachy pink looks natural and very pretty. Experiment with yourself, watch youtube videos (they're very helpful), look up things, and just have fun with it. With eyeliner, don't put it on heavily. Put a very thin line, here is a video to help,鈥?/a>

    Use a neutral lip gloss, close to you acual lip color, and if needed blush, put very little.

    The key is, natural.

    being a teenager is all about time! do you have an hour or two just for makeup? so go simple. curled eye lashes and mascara are a must! if you have time, go with foundation (if foundation is too heavy try a tinted moisturizer), blush, curled eye lashes and mascara, a little eyeliner to the bottom, and for more dramatic eyes, use a liquid liner on top in a thin (thin thin thin) line.

    if you want to see my video on makeup tips for teens visit:鈥?/a>
    Don't go heavy with the make-up....make yourself look natural.

    First apply foundation...if you even need it.

    Then i would put a sparkle onto my eyes, a little bit of mascara and a little bit of eye-liner....

    That will make a huge change and you stilll look natural.!
    You're young, use concealer, mascara, lip gloss, bronzer or blush, translucent powder, and a light eyeshadow.

    Keep it natural! :)
    well i am 12 and i wear mascara and eyeliner. i also wear lip gloss and a tiny bit of blush. but thats all no eyeshadow or make-up or anything like that.

    hope this helps

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  • Hey, I need some makeup advice?

    okay, i don't really wear makeup. the closest i've come to wearing makeup is burt's bees lip balm.

    i have almond shape green eyes, nice-ish skin, and pretty full lips. (very humble, i know). what i'm wondering is whether or not makeup can enhance my natural look, and if so, what should i use?Hey, I need some makeup advice?
    It sounds like you already have pretty nice features. Lucky you!! But as the saying goes, a little goes a longggg way.

    -Eyes: For a simple look I would go with a good coat of mascara on your lashes. Be sure to curl it before your apply the mascara. This simple make up technique will make your green eyes pop! To enhance your look a little more (maybe for a night out) I would suggest applying some eyeliner on your top lid. This will make your eyes even bigger with the addition of mascara. You don't need to cake or layer it on. A thin line (very close to the lash line) will make a huge difference. Make sure you practice a few times before you have a big event. Liquid eyeliner (what is usually suggested for top lids) are not tricky to master but do take practice.

    -Face: Since you already have a pretty clear face you really don't need any foundation. If you have a greasy t-zone I would suggest using a translucent power (Bare Minerals Mineral Veil) to help with the shiny-ness. If you don't have that problem, then your lucky. If your up for it, you can enhance your cheek bones with some bronzer or blush. Make sure that when you do apply it you smile to see where the apples of your cheek are and brush upwards. For blush I would recommend NARS Orgasm. Its a bit pricy but totally worth it. Go to a Sephora and try it out before you buy it.

    -Lips: Personally I don't wear lipstick or colored lip glosses. I think my natural lip color best suits my face. I personally LOVE Burt's Bees but recently I have also started to love C.O. Bigelow lip balms. You can find these in your local Bath and Body Works. My favorite is the Metha Lip Shine because it makes your lips shine for a long time. Plus, its clear so it enhances your natural lip color.

    If your not sure what to purchase, I suggest this website: It reviews almost every product imaginable. So before you buy you can see what other people think.

    Good luck!Hey, I need some makeup advice?
    just some mascara and a little blush to warm ur face. if ur don't need make up then dont wear it
    Well i say just use a lip liner nude or pinkish and fill lips in with a clear or pinkish lip gloss, since your lips are full i don;t suggest lipstick, i also have full lips and lip gloss does just fine just the right amount of shine.
    get a new face
    if ur already beautiful u dont havr too, but i guess tou can add some mascara. or eyeliner
    I agree with the person above me. (edit : haha, nevermind, lots of people above me now!) If I were you, I might try some different eye makeups, but that'd be it. I have the same eyes as you... and most people say that purple shades are good for eyes. But I really don't like the way that makes my eyes look, you know?

    Maybe try black eyeliner and Maybelline Full N' Soft mascara. Or brown eyeliner could be okay, but it's too light for me. And actually... try great lash or something cheap before full n' soft. If you don't end up liking the whole makeup thing, you'll only be out $3 instead of $9. :D

    Good luck.
    not wearing make-up is very sexy. All those other girls wear make-up and would be jealous like me of your prettiness. but if you really want to put make-up on, just use shiny lip gloss and maybe, if you wanna go a bit further, put on some mascara.
    You sound like you are a natural beauty, which there is nothing wrong with that! If I was you, I would just add some mascara to only your top lashes (try Covergirl VolumeExact). Because they are on your top lashes, it gives a very subtle yet pretty, angelic look. Since your skin is good, (which mine is pretty good too) try using Neutrogena Mineral Sheers. It's a powder foundation that's built into the brush. It gives really sheer coverage and it makes my skin glow. To top it off, maybe try some lipgloss (probably clear or a light pink color would suit you). This is exactly what I do for makeup and it looks like I'm barely wearing makeup at all but it still enhances my features, which I think would work for you. GOOD LUCK!
    yess use makeup.

    go to MAC. its the best and they'll work with you with oily, dry, smooth or whatever type of skin. they'll totally knowwhat to do and what's for you. good luck!!

    Makeup advice && tips for a newbie? =)?

    Yeah so i really need some makeup advice.

    I really don't wear makeup just eyeshadow but im thinking about changing that.

    I'm black, brown complexion.

    Is there any advice or products you can recommend?

    i need all the help i can get lol

    please %26amp;%26amp; thankyou.Makeup advice %26amp;%26amp; tips for a newbie? =)?
    i recomend the lash blast mascara: any drugstore

    if you decide to use eyeshadow:

    urban decay primer potion or too faced shadow insuranceMakeup advice %26amp;%26amp; tips for a newbie? =)?
    dont wear it unless you HAVE to.

    it ruined my skin, i wish i would have never started...

    just use lightweight stuff like tinted moisturizer... dont get to crazy
    mascara works great with everyone!!

    Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara

    its doesnt harm your eyelashes like the other mascaras

    ive been using it for years

    i also use eyeliner

    not too much. it doesnt look good

    maybe some lipstick and/or lip gloss
    first of all, youtube can be your biggest ally. lots of people have tutorials, reviews and deal finds and it's perfect for newbies and non newbies!

    now i'd say curl your eyelashes. you dont even have to put on mascara if you dont want to. make sure you always use at least chapstick because eyes and lips are usually the first things noticed.

    Makeup Advice! need a quickie a answer please?

    Whats the best lip plumper gloss/lipstick on the market? I can order it online. I heard victoria's secret is really good, but would like something from saphora. Thank you!Makeup Advice! need a quickie a answer please?
    look for too faced lip injection, i think its one of the most powerfulMakeup Advice! need a quickie a answer please?
    I really like the one from Vicky's, it has a kinda funny taste though. Bath %26amp; Body works also has one that comes in a few different colors. It's kinda sticky so I always put a balm under it. Physicians Formula also has a new one out. I haven't tried it yet but all the other products I got from them are amazing.
    My favorite is Sally Hansen. It's inexpensive and found at most drugstores. Has a variety of shades %26amp; colors. So cute!
    revlon, Maybelline,
    If you can find it, try DuWop Lip Venom - a very good product, it was the first of the lip plumpers! Also, Too Faced is pretty good.
    The best Lip Plumper out there is hands down - DUWOP Lip VENOM - which was voted Best of 2007 by Sephora.

    I have tried this and its amazing! It makes your lips tingle and plump!鈥?/a>

    i like wetslicks the best. covergirl outlast double lip shine is good too. i do like victorias secret
    Cover Girl Long Lasting Lip Shine
    This is the website for the best lip plumper made in my opinion. You can actually feel it working, it brings more blood circulation to your lips which gives you a pretty pink color and definitely makes your lips look fuller. It is $16 dollars for a little bottle but a little goes a long way! If you wear it everyday it should last you a few months.;jsessionid=IX00BAH3TSEKICV0KQVRXCQ?brandId=5706%26amp;cm_mmc=us_search-_-GG-_-br%20duwop-_-duwop%20lip%20venom%26amp;_requestid=33942
    Fusion Beauty LipFusion Color Shine
    Urban Decys Big Fatty Lip Plumper. Its on in the makeup section :D

    Its 拢10 but really goood :D


    Makeup advice eyeliner mascara, everything!?

    ok im 14 with light brown eyes and dark brown hair. i use dark drown eyeliner and black mascara now.... what about the colors and eye shadowMakeup advice eyeliner mascara, everything!?
    Everyday wear:

    I would stick with a dark brown mascara, it will accentuaute your eyes better and won't seem as harsh as the black.

    For eyeshadow I'd go with some golden tan colors. That should help to bring out the brown in your eyes, pair it with a peach blush and a peach-tinted lipgloss.

    Fun Time:

    You can totally expirament with funky bright colored eyeliners, like wet-n-wild brand, they're $1 each, soif you don't like the color, you didn't waste a lot of money.

    If you're skin has yellowish or orange-ish tones, go for colors that are warm and have golden tones to it- like peach, coral, olive green, reddish violet, orange, brick red, etc.

    If you're skin has pink undertones to it, you want to use cool colors- blue, violet, green, pink, burgundy, etc.Makeup advice eyeliner mascara, everything!?
    First things first - you should never overpower your eyes with too much makeup, as that can actually make them look smaller.

    Also, lining the inner rims of your lower lids with a shimmery white, silver or gold liner will not only make your eyes appear bigger, but also brighter. These light-reflecting colors will instantly brighten up dark inner corners, making your whole eye area appear larger. A light hue can also make the whites of your eyes look bigger, as opposed to defining their borders with dark eyeliner, which can make them look small and squinty. To get the look, first sharpen the pencil to ensure that it鈥檚 clean before it touches your eyes. Next, soften and warm up the tip by rubbing it on the back of your hand. This will help the pencil glide effortlessly along your skin. Finally, run the liner along your inner rims from inner to outer corners. Finish with two coats of lengthening mascara.

    If you want to get a great tutorial on applying eye makeup, check out this link from Daily Makeover, which shows celebrity makeup artist, Carmindy, giving some great how-to's:鈥?/a>

    Hope I helped! Rachel Hayes, Editorial Director of Daily Makeover

    For my prom I was wondering if anyone could give me advice for makeup? any ideas?

    I'm wearing a pale yellow halter dress that's short %26amp;i have dark, dark brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin. help!For my prom I was wondering if anyone could give me advice for makeup? any ideas?
    You might look good with like a really pale, metallic eye shadow that coordinates with your dress, like maybe silver or pale yellow. You should also definitely wear a lot of mascara (but not so much that it gets chunky) and curl your lashes. It would look great if you wore like a bold gloss on your lips.For my prom I was wondering if anyone could give me advice for makeup? any ideas?
    Do NOT I repeat DO NOT apply makeup like Mimi on the Drew Carrey Show!!
    Prom Makeup Tips鈥?/a>
    OOOOHHHHH !!!!! Go gold, with an undertint of gray or black, or go for that dramtic , sexy, and smoky look!!! it will look nice proably , just don't over do it or it won't go with the dress. Maybe go gold with pink undertints.
    with a yellow dress and your coloring, I think a good bronzer (instead of blush), light and glossy lips, and eye makeup to open up your eyes (mascara, eyeliner, eye brightener in the corners) would look fabulous!
    well since ur eyes r brown wear make light make

    Dont wear havy make up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    use cover girl products it will help!!!!!!!!!
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  • Makeup Advice Please?

    I typically wear eye make up and nothing else.

    But I often can't find good eye makeup.

    What would say is the best Mascara and Eye Liner?

    And is it better to use eye liner top and bottom or just one or the other?Makeup Advice Please?
    i would say mascara is better rather than eyeliner, as it opens up your eyes.

    apply liner to both the top and bottom if you like. it depends what kind of look your going for.

    try collosal by maybelline for a good mascara, define a lash also by maybelline.

    a good eyeliner would be by barry m, they have good quality cosmetics.Makeup Advice Please?
    I normally use it on the bottom, looks ok on both though.
    revlon colorstay eyeliner in black and maybelline great lash mascara (its pink with a green tube)

    you can try both bottom and top or just top

    i have big brown eyes so i use eyeliner on the top and mascara on top and a little on bottom
    mascara=max 2000 calorie? (something like that)

    eyeliner=revlon something in black velvet... def! so smooth, and i luv the color, its more like a deep blue. omg, best ever! i swear!
    best drugstore mascara: volume exact (by maybeline??)

    eyeliner: almay?

    liquid on the top and a SUPER THIN line of pencil eyeliner on the bottom.
    Hi all

    Hảs aņyoņe tŕieđ miņerảl mảkeŭp yęt? Aļl tĥe Hỏllỳwoỏd sţarś arę usỉng ỉt. Appảreņtlỳ it ỉs aĉtuảllỳ so ĝoođ foŕ yoŭr sķin ỳou ĉan śleęp iņ it, ảnd ỉt hảs a mŭch bęttęr cỏveŕagę thản ręguļar mảkeŭp. Yỏu cản gęt a fŕee śampļe aţ
    Well, I don't know what your budget is but probably one of the best would be MAC. If you're going for a store brand, I like Maybelline or Cover Girl. I think the amount of eye liner you use and how it is applied depends on the shape/size of your eye. I personally really like the black liner on the upper lid for a dramatic look, however I have small eyes, and applying that on me makes my eyes look very small.…

    Makeup advice for first timer!?

    I am pale but not totally white i can wear lipgloss mascara foundation blush and eyeshadow but what would be good for me?Makeup advice for first timer!?
    Well, this is what I'd recommend, even though it'd be much easier if you told us your eye and hair color.

    There are two different types of application for skin that you could easily use. Firstly, apply a concealer on your red areas and then ';set it in'; so that it lasts all day with a powder, not a foundation.

    Secondly, you cold use an inexpensive brand of mineral foundation instead.

    As far as blush goes, only use it if your looking dull and sulky. Don't use this product if you have a breakout, there will be too much redness and ruin the look. Cream blush is nice. Just warm with your hands then blend with your fingers. Stay away from shimmers.

    Mascara is a MUST. Black or black/brown should work perfectly. Water proof is nice to have. And it doesn't matter what kind it is (lengthening, voluming, ETC.)

    For eyeshadow, I'd just use highlight powder. Like a off white shade on the brow bone and inner corners of the eye.

    Lip balm or chapstick/

鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>Makeup advice for first timer!?
    - Instead of foundation, go for a tinted moisturizer. It's not as heavy.

    Look at Target, Sonia Kashuk and Aveeno both make one.


    Find a good moisturizer and then apply translucent powder all over your face. (Try Clinique.)

    - Sally Hansen Natural Beauty makes nice blush.鈥?/a>

    - Urban Decay Eyeshadow. Fantastic! Tons of shades to choose from.鈥?/a>

    - Maybelline mascara works great. (black)

    - Try some regular chap stick (Softlips) or a Neutrogena lip tint.

    Make sure to buy a brush set and make up remover as well. Target or CVS carry these.

    Buy a nice facial cleanser to keep your skin clear.

    Well, in the title of your question it says that you are a first timer for make up. I'd use tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, as its lighter and less likely to go streaky, and easier to apply, Use a little bit of blush, but don't overdo it. You could use pinky and peachy shades of lipgoss.
    Alright, it really depends on how pale you are.

    If you're a porcelain skin color, this is what I recommend.

    If you're younger than 14, I wouldn'tt recommend all of this.

    I'd only say the lip and blush.


    A pink gives you a nice rosy look鈥?/a>

    This purplish color works very well with people with white skin, it looks different, and very pretty.鈥?/a>

    For a more natural look, go for bronze/gold鈥?/a>


    A little eyeliner, pencil should work best. If you want to create a smoky eye, look it up. It's easy and there are many videos on how to do the proper smokey eye.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    Lilac will give you a sexy smoldering look, apply lightly though. If you go any darker, it'll look like you got a blooming black eye.鈥?/a>

    Metallic looks great on pale skin tones.鈥?/a>


    A nice bright pink will give you a rosy look.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    A nude color would look natural and very sexy if you're very pale.鈥?/a>
    You should definitely wear mascara, if you only have time for one thing use mascara. I don't think you should use foundation, find maybe a good powder bronzer and a light pink color blush. And for lipgloss you can do whatever you want.
    look for peachy shades of lip gloss and blush. those will be the most flattering. for eyeshadow, i'd stick with neutral tones until you get the hang of applying them. and for mascara, brown would probably look best since black can be a bit harsh. good luck!
    A touch of bronzer would go good :)

    it would give you a nice shimmery glow,not to much though can make your face go shiny %26lt;3

    I need some makeup advice?

    Okay, so my highschool is having a dance and the theme is jungle fever. I have a simple navy blue dress from american apparel. I going for a bird look. But i need some advice on how to do my makeup to make myself look more like a bird. I was thinking of using liquid eyeliner. but i didnt know what colours if i did use that.

    ohh and im a blonde with blue eyes.

    pictures would help a lot, thanks!I need some makeup advice?
    i think a green color would really make your eyes pop!

    also, a shimmery plum would compliment your eyes.I need some makeup advice?
    Do liquid liner, black, and make it look like this:鈥?/a>

    Sorry the link is long. Just copy and paste the link. Make it swirl. Do a bright blue shadow like this:鈥?/a>

    another long link. Do your makeup like this girl. Hope i helped. Oh and ask out that one boy to the dance.

    Hair color and makeup advice, anyone?

    i have just went blonde, and i was fine with it at first, but now i'm not sure, and i never wear makeup i wanted some tips on what you think my hair color should be and how my makeup should be done

    send pictures!

    heres my photo %26lt;3 thanks everyone! be honest %26lt;3;s=5Hair color and makeup advice, anyone?
    well i think you can be bright鈥?/a>


    or you can just put eyeliner and foundation and mascara and some pink blush on your cheekbones and this shade of lipstick鈥?/a>

    and eyeshadow

    maybe bluey colour鈥?/a>Hair color and makeup advice, anyone?
    the blond looks really good! I think maybe try putting a dark reddish-burgundy this鈥?/a>

    maybe even a little bit darker than that..

    and as for the makeup..natural look is always the best (in my opinion) So, try maybe just a little foundation and eyeliner and masqara..

    hope it helped!
    You can find good Hair Weaving / Braiding / Styles / Extensions / Straighteners and their Shopping information at below Blog. It will definitely help you. Have a look at it.
    You can use a black or brown eye liner or even mascara and it will make your eyes pop with a little eye shadow you will be fine!
    a light brown eyeliner. soft eyeshadow colors
    omg i love your hair !

    i think eyeliner is good and add some blue and silver =]

    I need eye makeup advice for prom please! It's May 27th.?

    My dress is a deep royal purple color. My hair is black, my eyes are dark hazel, and my skin is light/tawny. My jewelry and shoes are silver. Price is not a question for me, so I'm open to all products. My eyelashes are already long, so advice on mascaras that curl and thicken would also be greatly appreciated. I'd also prefer makeup that will last a long time. I'm not afraid of glitter or metallic colors either. I think that's about it. Thank you!I need eye makeup advice for prom please! It's May 27th.?
    How about gold eye-make up? Gold goes with purple and I think you'll look fab! If price is not an option for you, then go for a bit pricey, quality cosmetics like Shu Uemura. Try their precise volume mascara ($23) to get super thick lashes. Line your eyes with their eye light pencil in white ($18) to open up your eyes which you can also use as a highlighter. I suggest the pressed eye shadow palette in rich velvet ($65) I think the colors would totally complement your gown! You can order on-line and get free shipping for orders $75 and up.

    Have a rocking time at your prom! :)I need eye makeup advice for prom please! It's May 27th.?
    well the best advice i can give you is to go to a department store (something like macys) and have them do your makeup at one of the make up counters. just go in about a month in advance to make an appointment because the time slots fill quickly.

    it's almost always free, you just have to buy something afterwards.

    i did it for 2 proms and all my homecoming dances... and i was never disappointed!
    Your dress sounds lovely! I don't know what you look like so can't recommend anything too specific but i can tell you what i'm wearing for prom, may give you a few ideas!!

    I'm wearing a black dress with silver jewellery (like you) and metallic silver heels. My eye makeup is going to be subtle, but with silver metallic tones to compliment my jewellery and shoes.

    The metallic cream eyeshadow that I got was from BodyShop last christmas, and the texture is perfect. I'm also going to line the top lash line with black eyeliner,. and the best one i've found by far is from Marks and Spencer for 拢2:50!! Way better than benefit, mac and lancome!

    Just choose any mascara that you trust and always curl your lashes. At the very end of the lashes i'm going to lightly apply glitter mascara.

    With this I will wear a very light pink gloss.

    Hope that gave you some ideas, our whole ensemble only differs with the dress (they are both dark so the makeup would compliment your dress too.)

    Have a great time I'm sure you will look gorgeous =)

    Peach x
    Prom Makeup Tips鈥?/a>

    Please may somebody offer me some makeup advice!?

    I'm bored of wearing the same makeup all the time... i guess im just not brave enough to try something new!

    Any ideas of makeup that would suit someone with Dark blonde hair, dark brown eyes and midtone/olivey skin.

    I usual wear brown or gold eyeshadow, peachy blusher and a peachy or rose pink lipstick.

    I really want to be more experimental

    Please Help :)

    xPlease may somebody offer me some makeup advice!?

    1. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone. Dip the end of the makeup brush, and stipple it all over your face. Then using a makeup sponge, blend it in.

    2. Use a lipstick that is the same shade as your lips, only a little bit darker. Then apply a clear coat of lip gloss.

    3. Use eye shadow color that is a little darker than your skin tone. I suggest a brown or maybe even an olive green to accent your eyes. Use a concealer brush to apply eye-shadow.

    4. Using a concealer brush, dust just a little light bit of eye-shadow the same color as your eye-brows over your eye-brows to darken them a little bit.

    5. Use a dark brown pencil eye-liner.

    6. Apply some bronzer to your cheeks in a nice very very very light brown color.


    1. Find some eye shadow in bright vibrant colors. You should prefereably buy an eye-shadow pallete so all the colors match. Go for one with bright green, pink, light purple, white and turquoise, light blue. Using a concealer brush,lightly apply white eye-shadow to your eye lids. Then pick a color that suits your outfit or mood, and apply it regularly.

    2. Pick a plumping lip gloss in a nice light pink.

    3. Use cherry colored blush, but don't over-do it.

    4. Use a tan shade of mineral powder. And dust the powder all over your face.

    5. Use collosal mascara.

    6. Use a vibrant pencil eyelinerin blue or purple.


    1. Apply Foundation.

    2. Using a concealer brush, dust your eye lids with white eyeshadow.

    3. Over the white, still using the concealer brush, apply dark blue liquid eye shadow.

    4. Apple dark-blue or black liquid eye-liner

    5. dust your face with a pale mineral powder.

    6. In winter, I suggest you leave your lips the same. Just add a chapstick to make sure they won't over-chap and a CLEAR lipgloss as a top coat.

    7. Paint your nails dark blue to go with the makeup (optional)

    I found that the youtube channel xoevanesco really helped with makeup advice and how to apply makeup. Check it out :)Please may somebody offer me some makeup advice!?
    Maybe should get a shimmer gold eye shadow pencil on the lid ;]鈥?/a>

    Pink blusher or rose blusher鈥?/a>

    and maybe a lip gloss鈥?/a>
    experiment! makeup comes off if you dont like it.

    try a smokey eye. If you need help, check out youtube and type in smokey eye look or smokey eye tutorials.Or try something colorful, like a medium purple or a nice deep green. If you dont want it on your whole lid, then take an angled brush, dip it in the shadow, and apply it to your bottome lashline.You s
    Brown colored eyes can wear just about any color going. Lucky. I have blue eyes so I tend to stick with colors that go with my own eye color. You know, Loreal do eyeshadow that compliments on eye color. Why don't you have a look in a store and see if it's for you?
    My only advice is to experiment! Try new colours and find out what kind of thing suits you. There's no need to wear it out in public, just sit in your bedroom and have a play! Try looking on youtube for some great make up application videos too.
    like this鈥?/a>
    try black eyeliner, but don't make the line too thick and jet black mascara,lots of it, with a nude lipgloss:) x
    purple or green eyeshadows would be nice as you have brown eyes :-) or maybe try a smokey eyed look ?
    green eyeshadow (: or glitter eyeliner and mascara
    HEY don't worry, just try anything when you can, try buying MAC eyeshadows because they are really good at highlighting dark eyes, try a deep purple or turqoise colour or mix pink and turqoise by putting pink in the inner eye and blending it into the turqoise in the rest of your eye lid.

    And with your lips, dont try a darker pink or a brighter pink because that will make you look like barbie...

    you dont want to look like a goth so dont try any dark colours. could try red or nude its really good.

    I have an extra tip for your eyelashes: when using mascara try to make your eyelashes thicker instead of longer and it draws attention to the eyes and with your eyeshadow (pink/turqoise/deep purple) it will draw out a dramatic look to your eyes and with your lips aswell it will make you look either very dramatic or very sexy ;)

    try these tips on your skin aswell:

    1)use a cleanser before using make up

    2)after the cleanser use a moisturiser for sensitive skin

    3)when applying eyeshadow be sure to use the right brush with soft bristles or if you are using a proper eyeshadow brush make sure it is made out of a soft velvety material.

    4)if you cant find a foundation that matches light skin add moisturiser to foundation and it will extract the bad oils and put in a moisturised affect to your skin.

    5)if you use powder be sure to use a big brush not a blusher brush a proper big powder brush (superdrug-拢3)

    6)before applying lipstick, use foundation to spread over your lips so that the lipstick stays on for longer.

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING THIS I HOPE IT HAS HELPED YOU even though im 12 im very skilled with make-up and beauty appliances as my mum is a beautician and so is my older sister GOODLUCK ;)
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  • *i need some makeup advice please*?

    i need some makeup advice please,

    i have oily skin and i use proavtiv.

    i've also been using bare naturale for a while now and i'd like to try something new.

    i was thinking about trying Clinique super-fit, bare minerals or Mac studio fix .

    i heard they were all good.

    which is the best andd why?

    and can i have alittle information on each,or just any that you would reccomend.

    thanks in advance =)

    *i need some makeup advice please*?
    I would advise against Mac just because their makeup tends to be really heavy and makes you break out more. I dont have really bad acne, but after using Mac for about a week, my skin broke out terribly. Clinique might be a good choice because they specialize in improving skin, it just depends whether your skin is super sensitive.. as for Bare Minerals, im thinking about trying it myself so i can help you on that one, sorry

    good luck =]*i need some makeup advice please*?
    oily skin... you need to use another cleaner called seabreeze. it helps clean your pores and yes, it does dry out your skin somewhat (at least mine) but that's good because it doesnt make it oily. then , since your skin is now dry, get a moisturizer and don't apply too much.

    try this one weekend or when you're not going out:

    apply seabreeze to your face, and the next day see if you like the results. if your skin became very flaky, then you know to put on a moisturizer afterwards (and only apply it to the very dry sections because moisturizers can make it look oily as well). then just use some moisturizer on the dry spots once you're done with this test.

    you know your skin better than anyone else, and you need to start with a good skin cleanser.
    I am a mua and have use all of these products. I think your best bet would be to the counters at your local mall and see which feels and looks best on you. The three you have mentioned are all very different from each other. I love MAC and they carry a lot more than just studio fix. If you want mineral check out Mac it is more affordable and sets better.

    their make-up selection is broad, and their make up great for all skin types. they have different foundations (etc.) to match your skin type.

    my mom uses it, my step sister, and i, occasionally.

    your choice!

    please comment on my song lyrics. Thank you!;鈥?/a>
    Bare minerals. For sure. It's great for your skin and you don't look cakey. Definately give that a try. Hope you like it:)
    i love bare minerals

    ~it looks natural

    ~not clumpyy
    Bare Minerals.

    Most of it has SPF 15, it doesn't dry out your skin, and doesn't look cakey.
    I use proactiv also, and I love Bare Minerals. It has SPF 15, controls oil, but doesn't dry out your skin!

    I need some makeup advice please...about eyeliner.?

    I have hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair. How should i wear my eyeliner (what color(s) where on my eyes)?I need some makeup advice please...about eyeliner.?
    Well, you could go with a thin line of brownish eyeliner for a natural look, but still makes it seem like you have more eyelashes. Find one that is the color of your eyelashes. You can go for a more glam look and buy a bright color that complements your skin tone to make your eyes pop. Or you can try to bring out your eye color. That seems to be a trend right now. For hazel eyes, you are lucky cause you can use variations of two colors instead of one. To make your eyes seem greenish hazel, use brownish plum eyeliner. For a more brown eye color, use blueish or purpleish eyeliner. Hope this helps! Answer mine?鈥?/a>I need some makeup advice please...about eyeliner.?
    hazel eyes have the best of both worlds. Their diverse flecked irises make way for a multitude of complimentary shades. Hazel eyes can be made up to look classic, romantic, or downright sultry. (:

    for the eyeliner a purple or eggplant shade would look stunning with hazel eyes. and even for a retro look you can get away with some white eyliner. i have brown eyes and i do that and it looks GREAT!

    your lucky because hazel eyed ladies can experiment with many bold and vivid colours on the pallette to enhance your eye colour choose a base colour like nude or skin colour. then get several shades and compliment them with your brow bone, upper lid, and the creases with the darkest shade. just make sure you avoid any blue eye shadows (:

    hazel eyes sparkle with their golden hue so a lip colour like mauve, berry , gold, pink or popy is sure to enhance your eye area. maybe even a bt of shimmer or sparkle in the gloss.

    also to enhance your gorgeous hazel eyes (: you should wear gold green and purple clothing. it is sure to bring out your eyes. but try and avoid clothe colors liek grey orange o0r blues (:

    now my fingers are sore from typing XD
    white is coming back strong this season
    really black works for anyone..but if you have more of a paled skin tone i would go with a dark brown. Or even gray.

    I need makeup advice, caramel complexion, oily, want a natural look, never wore or applied makeup. HELP!?

    And I also have a lot of blemishes that I also want to cover up such as under eye circles and acne scars. Any advice? What should I purchase, where do I start, oh yeah and I am a teenager, if that helpsI need makeup advice, caramel complexion, oily, want a natural look, never wore or applied makeup. HELP!?
    The first thing I would do is go to a good dermatologist. Have him look at your blemishes and probably he can clear up most of them with medication and some other treatments. So start from there. Then ask the dermatologist what kind of face wash you should use and what to put on your face at night. You need makeup without an oil base. So look for a foundation that is totally oil free, preferably natural and organic. Then I would use a mineral base blush which is non-comedic (non clogging). Then a soft lip gloss and try to get eyeshadow and mascara that is organic and natural too. Go on the internet and put in a search like: organic and natural cosmetics. This should place you where you want to be, but the first thing you must do is see a good recommended dermatologist. Good LuckI need makeup advice, caramel complexion, oily, want a natural look, never wore or applied makeup. HELP!?
    try bareminerals. if there is a bareminerals store in your area go there for a demo
    I would recommend Bare Minerals for you. It's very light and it dosen't feel like your wearing makeup at all. Even though its light, it still covers blemishes and also works will for rosecea. Its easy to apply and its great for oily skin. You can pick it up at Sephora.
    Your best bet is to go to a department store with makeup counters and set up an appointment. The associate will teach you what you need to know :)

    Makeup advice please?

    I have green eyes. What color eyeshadow would really compliment them?Makeup advice please?
    brown eye shadow, or even a burgandy would make them pop. You don't want to do the same color as your eyes, always the exact opposite. A smoky eye would be great with a charcoal or a dark brownMakeup advice please?



    Brown, gold, or purple.
    plum, thats what most make up artists told me!
    a light gold color! that would look so pretty
    For simple and handy makeup tips visit -

    if you are interested in homemade natural remedies -

    Read natural methods for split ends , dry hair.....
    Always go the opposite of your eye color (like on a color-wheel). Green eyes look beautiful with a deep purple (deep, not dark!) swept over the lids, and a brown swept into the crease.
    goldish bronze or lavender

    i love the show WHAT NOT TO WEAR i love it i love it i love it
    tans browns golds no green or blue
    try a really light brown, or caramel.any shade under the ';brown';category should really bring your eyes out.
    There is a makeover feature on the site and it gives lots of tips and helps you pick out colors that would look good on you. You can also email her and ask for samples
    GOLD. or honey

    Lower lid makeup advice?

    Any tips for lower lid makeup and lining? I never apply any makeup on the lower lid, if I do, it looks unnatural. Also, is there a special technique if you have e.g. a slightly bigger distance between your eyes and the mouth (i.e. your face is slightly elongated)?Lower lid makeup advice?
    I use the basic technique of your base color on the lower lid, then lining the crease with a darker version of your base color, or even black. Then, depending on my mood, I start out thin with liquid eyeliner near my tear duct, and make the line thicker as I reach the other side. I finish that off with a little 'wing' effect.

    If you need a physical demonstration, search some on YouTube. A lot of people on YouTube have great tutorials for basic eye make-up.Lower lid makeup advice?
    i'm not quite sure of anything for the second part, but as for the first part, you could try a light brown eyeliner (i like clinique's) and if you have smaller eyes, then go from the middle outward (so they dont look too small), but with bigger eyes you can do the entire lower lid.

    or you can try putting on a little bit of mascara on the lower lid, but someitmes its tricky not to get it on your skin

    sometimes i even put a little bit of light or golden-y eyeshadow right near where you put the eyeliner to make my eyes standout and look a bit brighter.

    I wanna try something new makeup advice?

    i have medium brown hair and blue eyes my skin tone is also medium to light i wanna know what would be the best eyeliner mascara eye shadow and lip gloss color for meI wanna try something new makeup advice?
    You are lucky because pretty much every color eyeshadow will go well with blue eyes. Purples, grays, blues, turquoise/greens make blue eyes pop. You should definitely check into those colors.As far as eyeliner, black is always classic if used correctly. Never line your entire eyeball with black. Using black liner all around your eye will cause a ';raccoon'; appearance and will make your eyes look smaller. You want your eyes to stand out so only use black eyeliner on your upper eyelid and if you want and are experienced with eyeliner you can line your waterline (inside of your bottom eyelid). Adding a hint of white or a light silver on the inner corner of your eyes (near the bridge of your nose) will make your eyes appear larger. Besides black eyeliner you can use a variety of eyeliners. Dark blue and green would work very well. I also find that brown/dark brown makes blue eyes stand out. As far as mascara, I would go with black or dark brown. Always make sure you apply your mascara in thin layers and you should always comb and curl your lashes. Combing your lashes separates clumps and curling gives a more polished look. With lip gloss you can never go wrong with a peachy lip gloss or a soft pink gloss. Nude colored lip gloss are always great as well. If you want to work with more color you can try lip tints. Which will give you more color than a gloss but less color than lipstick. I hope that this helps!I wanna try something new makeup advice?
    EYELINER- revlomn has a great range of eyeliners that i myself like to use occasionally (:鈥?/a>


    EYESHADOW- maybelline has the best range of eyeshadows because they stay on alll dayy (: great clours to (:鈥?/a>

    LIPGLOSS- pale is the best way to go (:鈥?/a>
    Hello, I started using the new line, called, Avon magix,I go online, the the Avon website, and oder it, you usually get better deals too. I also like the Estee Lauder makeup, usually about twice a year, if you buy a bottle of their perfume, they give you ,free makeup, as a gift, which if you brought it, it would be over a hundred dollar, usually it is Belk's, that does it. I wish you lots of luck, and I am very surprised, at all the new products, that have come out, since , just the powder foundation,. ITake care, Tara
    lip gloss: try virgin kiss by M.A.C cosmetics, and a great liner is by urban decay called zero, and mascara lash blast by cover girl. or too faced lash injection
    I think this look would be cute:

    - dark brown eyeliner only on the waterline

    - Mascara: get a dark brown or black

    -lip gloss: something cute and peachy or nude;]!

    if you need help check out my videos on youtube!

    leave a comment on them, rate, or subscribe to me!!

  • losing hair
  • Last Minute Makeup Advice?

    Tomorrow is my sisters graduation picture day. She's wearing a black %26amp; white dress, and her hair will be down in soft curls (with a straightening iron) I'll be getting her ready. My only issue is in the makeup department. I don't know how to make her look her age with the kind of makeup I'm used to doing. I tried going a little bit lighter but it still looks dramatic.

    If anyone could help me find the right kind of makeup I should do for her, that'll really help. Thanks!Last Minute Makeup Advice?
    Keep it simple if it was me I'd go with:


    Foundation with powder

    highlight cheeks with bronzer

    Natural eyeshadow - soft pink


    Natural lipstick (or choose her favourite lipstick)

    I'd also practice the make up before leaving the house - you can always change the eyeshadow and lipstick if it doesn't look right.Last Minute Makeup Advice?
    Cover her spots/blemishes with concealer and dust on some lose powder/ mineral foundation.

    Apply a nude lipstick and gloss at the centre of the lips.

    Use soft shimmer eyeshadow or apply regular light colored one after coating the eyelid with lip balm(looks good.)

    The make up is over and looks understated.
    just keep it to light neutral tones, like brown liner instead of black, and little or no shadow. for grad pics and school pics, your best bet is to not over emphasize things since the light will probably be harsh. for my school pics i personally just use smashbox photo finish primer, then light powder, and then highlight with cliniques city block shimmer in gold. it adds enough highlight without looking oily on camera.

    I need makeup advice. How?

    How should I do my makeup?

    Here is a picture. And for the record- I am the one on the right. ;) need makeup advice. How?
    For everyday I would play up your lips, lipstick/gloss, and tweeze brows--the strays, and keep your shape that it is now. A little powder and mascra and you're done.I need makeup advice. How?
    You know, it's never how you should do your make up... but rather, what you want to do with your make up. If you ever ask anyone, they'll probably say that the safest bet is the most natural look.

    You should probably look at some make up looks and see which ones you like. I suggest one of my biggest make up gurus, Aubrey, because she's got a variety of looks to choose from, as well as TUTORIALS for them!!!

    Aubrey is one of the biggest gurus on youtube about make up and hair. She's got tons of videos for all sorts of make up and hair styles. I've learned how to do my make up from her. Her youtube account is this:鈥?/a>
    for foundation- get powder! no liquid, i suggest bear mineral(it's like $13 at ulta just for the foundation, and get one that is your skin tone, not darker. then go to the drug store and get bronzer, it doesn't matter which one,(again, i suggest bare minerals, but it gets expensive) but don't put a lot on, lightly brush it on, and just enough that it makes your face have a little bit of a tan and a glow. but make sure you do your jaw line and a little bit of your neck so it won't be 2 different colors. (the whole point is to make it look natural)

    eye shadow- i would either use a light light pinkish color or like a golden-brown shimmery color ;) it will make your eyes stand out and make then pop!

    mascara- never splurge on mascara, because they all do the same thing. i use cover girl and it's orange(i don't remember the name) and it works really good.

    *make sure you get an eyelash curler! use it right before you put on your mascara and after(but wait until it dries)

    and i don't think you need to wear eyeliner. :)

    i hope i helped!!
    Wow your beautiful you don't need it. It does depend on the occasion. Since you do have beautiful full lips you don't need loud bright lipsticks. but focus on your eyes and you beautiful cheeks.
    You don't need much at all. I would get a powder makeup and lightly brush it on. I would get black eye liner and line your bottom lid and mascara. Then I would get a tinted lip gloss. You have a great complexion, concentrate on bringing out your eyes.
    You have a very nice earthy look. It's very apealling, maybe some eyeliner would work. But you're fine, as is

    Almay makeup advice?

    I recently got into a car accident and have a cut on my face...I want to cover it with makeup, it's not big just noticeable. I use almay makeup and am not interested in switching brands. What specific almay products will help cover this cut up so it doesn't appear to be red. I don't care if people know it's there I just want to hide it's redness.Almay makeup advice?
    I would recommend using face lotion first and letting it absorb before applying a quarter size amount of almay skin smoothing foundation with your fingers. After allowing this to dry, use a pressed power with the included sponge. The sponge applies a even layer that is very good at hiding redness. Next, a layer of loose powder in a slightly lighter shade applied with a large brush will finish beautifully. Using extra products will only make your face look cake-y and like you are covering something up. Almay is a great brand, their foundation is the only kind I will use. Remember, a shade lighter foundation with the correct color powder will keep you from looking orange or red. Also, extend the product onto your neck and blend so you don't have a make up line.Almay makeup advice?
    I would use the Almay Nearly Naked庐 Cover Up Stick, since it's creamier and thicker. I would have reccomended a green concealer as well, since your scar is red.. but they don't make any. If you really don't want to try anythign other than Almay and if you have any green eyeshadow from them you can mix a bit of it in (reffer to the color of the green concealer stick in the link). N.Y.C makes a green concealer stick that will work for you until your redness is gone. Your face won't look green either, but it will erase the red. Yellows erase blues/purples if you have any bruising :) You may have to apply some of it before and after foundation (depending on the actual scar). Good luck!
    (i loove almay by the way)

    this would work鈥?/a>

    and then put the foundation over it.

    persoanlly i like liquid concelear better so try this too鈥?/a>

    Hey do u have makeup advice for me??!!?

    I need make up advice! Anything could help me! I'm in dire need! Please give me any advice for making my face look better. i have dark circles around my eyes and pinkish cheeks! plz help! thanxHey do u have makeup advice for me??!!?
    The 2 best and most natural looking Drugstore Make-up Brands (And neither test on Animals!):

    Sally Hansen Natural Beauty


    (Remove the space between sally and hansen)

    Check out the videos on the website for suggestions.

    Physician’s Formula


    (Remove the space between physicians and formula)

    Physician’s Formula Recommendations:

    Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder: ~$13.00 individual, ~$20 in the 3 pack

    (Voted “Best Face Powder” in Star Magazine)

    Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Blush: ~$12.00 individual, ~$20 in the 3 pack

    (Won ';Testers’ Favorite Product Award'; in Fitness Magazine and Awarded “Natural Beauty Award” in Natural Health Magazine)

    Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Matte Finishing Veil: ~$13.00 individual, ~$20 in 3 the pack

    The 3 pack is not on the website, but I know for a fact it is sold at Target. It's probably sold at Walmart, and wherever they carry physician's formula products. The colors I saw that it came in were fair, light, and medium. They probably have Tan; I just didn’t see it at Target.

    I have oily skin, so here’s a tip if you do, too. Just carry around the Talc-Free Matte Finishing Veil in a purse or backpack (for school or work or shopping or whatever) and apply it when you feel oily. It's 100% translucent, so it just eats the oil without looking chalky or heavy.

    To me, the mineral powder and blush looked hard, like I'd have to scrape it with my powder brush, but really it comes of quite easily. Take the brush it comes with and just dab it on, it'll come off without any rubbing at all.

    Think the color wheel. On the color wheel, the opposite of red/pink is green, and because they are opposite, the green will cancel out the red/pink and that in return will cancel out the green, creating a perfectly even face. So you want to use a powder or liquid that is a green color. You also want to use a moisturizing gentle cleanser.

    Drugstore Options/Suggestions:

    Pressed Powder:

    Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder in soft green, ~$13.00…

    Powder Palette Multi-Colored Face Powder in green, ~$14.00…


    Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Cream Concealer in Soft Green, ~$8.00…

    Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Concealer Stick in Soft Green, ~$8.00…

    Face Tints:

    Self Defense Color Corrective Moisturizing Lotion (SPF 15) in green tint, ~$8.00…

    Soothing Face Wash:

    Gentle Cleansing Lotion for Normal to Dry Skin, ~$8.00…

    If you get nothing else, get the pressed powder to conveniently carry around in a purse or backpack to apply throughout the day when needed.Hey do u have makeup advice for me??!!?
    For starters:

    Make sure you have one focal point. Don't do everything dark because it will look like you are wearing too much makeup.

    For the dark circles:

    try some cover-up just below your eyes. liquid type works best, but i don't think there is a way to completely cover them up. it should help though

    For Pink cheeks:

    Well, i have pink cheeks myself, one plus is that you don't have to worry about wearing blush, but i get how they can sometimes be too pink. Try some mineral powder foundation and work it brush it onto your skin in circular motions. but make sure you don't load the powder onto your brush. put it on lightly. and then add layers if you need to.

    Hope that helps!
    Sounds like you have nice skin and you just need to blend in some spots. Whenever their is a spots or area of your skin you want to blend in with your complication I recommend a concealer in the form of a stick. Benefit makes a wonderful concealer you only use the concealer were you need for example around your eyes and blend it in with your completion. As far as pink cheeks that a good thing. People pay for pink cheeks example blush. Benefit can be found a Dillard's, Bel ks, Macy's. Or you could try Cover Girl or Revlon.
    I won't give you specific advice ( you can email and ask) but to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes... the old trick is to put half of a cold potato over your eyes to reduce the darkness and puffiness. Then, put cover up under your eyes, one shade darker than your foundation shade. Good Luck !
    I have the same problem!

    For my cheeks, I use the E.L.F all-cover stick.

    To get it, go to

    And, for under eye circles, I put a whitish eyeshadow on them.

    i.d. bare minerals eyeshadow in Chenille.

    They both work really good!

    And an eyeliner trick I know is to but eyeliner inside your eye, on the skinny strip of skin in front of your eye.

    It doesn't hurt, but be careful to not get your eye.

    Hope I helped.

    first of all you are LUCKY you have pink cheeks, no need for blush! for the undereye circles you can try covering them up with concealer but for a longer lasting home treatment try going to…

    and try some of there soulutions! they have lots of info and ways to reduce circles.!

    i hope this helps!

    Some Dark Brown Or Black Whichever U Prefer

    With Some Dark Or Light Green, Pink, Or Purple Eyeshadow!

    Pink light Lip Gloss

    And some Light Pink Blush!

    Oh And Black Mascara!!

    if you have dark circle use The Body Shop vitamin E eye cream. It works great!! I really love that product. i hope that helps. :)
    use a bronzer for the pink cheeks

    Makeup advice for Humidity?

    Hey guys,

    I am going to Malaysia to live for a few years and it is very hot, tropical climate... Humid all year round..

    I would like to wear eyemakeup and maybe at least some kind of face powder or something...

    Does anyone have any advice? Anyone live in a humid climate?

    Should I just forget about makeup all together?Makeup advice for Humidity?
    Well first off, why are you going to Malaysia? If it's for some sort of hardcore humanitarian work or something I would recommend little to no makeup. You won't need it. No one will care. All you might need is a good sun screen. If it's for something like business, however, I would try a powder foundation. I can't imagine trying to wear liquid foundation in a muggy, humid climate. Ew. Maybe a good water-proof mascara and some eyeshadow. All water-proof stuff would be important.Makeup advice for Humidity?
    Why wear makeup? Are you not that pretty.

    Makeup advice please ?

    my makeup when im out allways comes of. i use clinque foundation, clinque eyliner, max factor mascara, and ruby and milne blusher, but it allways comes off. my eye liner disapears. My foundation disapeers help!!!? Make-up tips?Makeup advice please ?
    I don't like Clinique, I like MAC , so you might switch the brand. Mac stay longer.Makeup advice please ?
    use a primer under your foundation. there are a bunch of different primers, you just have to find the right one for you.

    Use a press powder, or some kind of powder on top of your foundation to set it.

    For eye liner, you can always set it with a matching eye shadow color and an eyeliner brush.
    definately use other make-up. i buy all of my make-up at ulta their make-up is really good and it stays on
  • losing hair
  • Help, I need makeup advice?

    Usually I do my makeup the same but I want to do some changes, does anyone have some suggestions on makeup procedures(for eyes especially). How about how to do a sexy smoky eye look? By the way I'm tan-skinned, with dark brown hair.Help, I need makeup advice?
    Alexis Vogel, who does Pamela Anderson's and Shanna Moakler's makeup, does awesome smoky eyes. With your coloring, smoky eyes would be great!

    She does the smoky eye look by holding a cloth or tissue at a 45 degree angle under the eye (tilted towards the top of the ear) and she sweeps dark shadow under the eye, along the lower lash line and in the crease of the eye (between brow bone and eyelid).

    That way you get the smoky look without raccoon eyes.

    False eyelashes help a lot, too.

    I know her trick because I have a video by her~~I'll see if I can find a link. The link below is a start for you. : )Help, I need makeup advice?
    yea the smoky look is in. but u have to have a light color slightly on the eye also. to give it the effect. i usually will use a light pinkish white color. and i dont use a liner b/c it's already smoky looking. also it looks good with s shade colse to your skin tone but a little lighter
    It's great to break out of routine and mix up your makeup look! This stops you from becoming a slave to your makeup.

    First of all, since you are tan and a brunette, it's probably a good idea to stay within a warm color palette. Think warm browns, golds, and bronzes, not cool grays or frosty pastels.

    Some easy, fun new things you could try:

    1) Shimmery bronze eye shadow.

    2) Sexy smoky eye, like you suggested. Just smudge brown/black eyeliner around your eye, making it a bit thicker on the upper lid, and brush a dark shimmery bronze/brown shadow over your eyelid. For even more drama, dip a Q-tip or brush into water, get some of the shadow on it, and apply it on your lower lid as well! Remember to clean up under the eye area so you won't have raccon eyes.

    3) Try a product you don't normally wear. For example, if you don't usually wear blush, try wearing some rosy peach blush! Bronzer works well too. Even wearing lipgloss can be exciting if you don't normally wear it.

    4) Try eye makeup in fun colors, for fall a deep wine and shimmery plum colors look great. Olive would also work really well with your skin tone. If you are shy about color, subtly line your upper lashline with a dark plum, navy, or olive liner/shadow.

    5) Play up one feature and blast it out! Make a statement with your lips using a bright or deep colour, play up eyes with smoky shadow, or go for a healthy look with deeply flushed cheeks. Just remember that when one feature has so much attention on it, play down everything else! And choose colors wisely (nothing fake looking, like hot pink blush).

    Peace and good luck! ;)
    Try using a darker shade in the crease and on the outside corners, sweep that same colour closer to the middle. Then switch to a neutral colour for the rest of your eyelid and blend. try using different colours, you can never go wrong with trying new bold looks as long as you blend. Instead of brushing a light colour underneath your brow, use your blush (loosely) its a nice change. Hope this helps(and makes sense), It's usually easier to show someone what I do rather than type it.

    Hair and makeup advice?

    i really wanna try some thing different. i have green eyes and brown hair. what color eye shadow and eye liner would suit me? also i have a square face and i want to get layers in my hair but my hair is thin so would i still be able to do that? and would a side fringe suit a person with that shaped face?Hair and makeup advice?
    purple really brings out green eyes go with some violet eyeliner(but not to much), black mascara, and light eyeshadow, side bangs would definitley look good on someone with a square face it softens the square lookHair and makeup advice?

    I suggest you don't do layers because everyone has them.

    And thin hair doesn't really look too good with layers, because you can't see them very well. As far as make up goes, maybe a teal liner, or navy, even brown. Black is very simple, if you want that.

    Eyeshadow just brings color to your eyes, do not use too much, maybe a little white on the lower lid and a green above that to match your eye color.

    I'm not sure what side fringe is, but if you mean side bangs, yes it'd be fine.

    I hope I helped!
    For green eyes use a purple liner and lilac and green tones because it brings out the green :)

    Yeah i have seen plenty of people who have a square shaped face with a side fringe but dont have it to thick xxx鈥?/a>

    I like her makeup techniques.

    And yes you can layer your hair; layers will actually help you with creating more volume.

    And a side fringe suits everyone...
    almay makes this line of eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara for every color eyes there is.

    i have blue. and the colors make my eyes POP.

    try the green eyes collection.
    brown eyeliner and green eye shadow would bring out your eyes. layers work for everyone, my hair is thin too and i have them. and side bangs suit everyone.
    i think green asnwer mine?;鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    hold on lemme find a hair one..
    i would go with dark brown eyeliner, a light gold shadow and black mascara. or maybe a deep purple eyliner, shimmery pinkish white shadow and black mascara. either one would look gorgeous on you! good luck

    Sexy vampire makeup advice, and do I need fangs? Please help!?

    I'm going clubbing for Halloween as a vampire, but I want to look sexy rather than scary.

    What sort of makeup should I do for a vampire?

    Do I need fangs? I'd rather not because I'm worried they might get in the way, what do you think?

    This is me (although I have an Amy Winehouse style wig):鈥?/a>

    Thanks for your help!Sexy vampire makeup advice, and do I need fangs? Please help!?
    I'd get fangs, otherwise your dressed up really aren't you?

    Take them out if they get in the way.

    Wear smokey eyes, red lip stick or gloss (but if it looks too much wear a pale stick/gloss instead).

    Wear a dark pencil skirt and some form of frilly top and heels. Wear a cape too if you want?Sexy vampire makeup advice, and do I need fangs? Please help!?
    You have beautiful pale skin which you should defo take advantage of to achieve the vampire look, so I would keep foundation/bronzer etc minimal.

    I would also do smoky eyes and finish it with red lipstick (but make sure it's a shade that suits you).

    I think fangs would be good as long as they're not too OTT and wouldn't get in the way whilst dancing/talking! I think even without them it would be quite obvious what you are dressed as so I don't think they're vital.

    Hope this helps!
    I think you should wear fangs. You can get some at Hot Topic, they come in a little coffin box. They go on only the ';fang'; teeth and they look real. Also if they get in your way you can take them out and always put them back on later. I would just wear my usual makeup with black eye liner. Vampires look like everyone else in the movies.

    Have Fun!!!
    Yeah you should have fangs. You should put light makeup on so it wont look like your a dead vampire.

    Need makeup advice. 12YEARSOLD?

    I'm 12 years old, and i can't wear eyeliner or eyeshadow. I'm allowed to use mascara and all other kinds of makeup ( powder, foundation, bronzer/blush..etc) I have brown hair and brown eyes and i'm pale - fair skin tone. I don't have any freckles. I like when my eyes pop out. Any makeup tips? How to put on? ( i know how, but i want to do it the ';right'; way :) )Need makeup advice. 12YEARSOLD?
    1. If you have pimples or blemishes then apply a small dab of concealer on each mark and blend.

    2. Apply liquid foundation, as close to your skin tone as possible.

    3. Then apply powder foundation over the top and blend in so it looks more natural.

    4. Apply brush/bronzer on the apples of your cheeks going in a diagonal line, also blend in slightly at the edges.

    5. Put some mascara on.

    Tips- Never wear any of your make-up too dark, always go for the 'natural' look.

    Always make sure your mascara isn't lumpy and when applying to your top lashes brush outwards. Also mascara usually looks better when only applyed to your top lashes.

    Always experiment with your make-up, change things around, change it to suit or mood or personality and have fun.

    Hope this helps =] xoxNeed makeup advice. 12YEARSOLD?
    you're sorta young for makeup... but you could put on a TINY bit of blush for a subtle glow and maybe curl your lashes a bit and put on some mascara. you could also try different colored mascaras if you're allowed. and don't touch bronzer... but sometimes i use it as eyeshadow and it looks pretty :]

    i hope this helps.
    You don't need all that make-up if your only 12.

    But, I prefer you should just stick with the mascara.

    Maybelline make-up products have the best mascara...=]

    My advise to you is stay pretty the way you are.

    That's what my mom always used to tell me.

    Now that I'm 15 years old....I still prefer you should stick with mascara.

    Trust me my aunt is a make-up artist=]

    ok this is only using what you have...

    you could use a bronzer in the bottom inside of youe eyes... dab a little mascara on your finger and blend it on the top of your lash line and just a little blush or bronzer on your eye lid to make it glow... hope this helped but i do think your too young to wear make up... it will make boys get the wrong idea
    DW about people telling you your to young, 'kay its your choice. One you bottom lash only apply mascara from the far end of your eye to the middle, for the top do the whole thing, because your fair toned, some pink blush would look good.
    u need eye shadow or eye liner to make that happen

    put alot of mascar on your top lash line so it looks like your wearing eyeliner on your top waterline.

    kinda hard to make your eyes pop with only could try curling your eye lashes and then putting the mascara'll help a little bit.
    You are too young for makeup.
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