Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup advice. URGENT!!!!?

Ok. So. I am attending a formal dinner/party this weekend. I am wearing a hot pink shift dress with black heels and a black cardigan. But I have a problem. I have noooo idea what to do with my makeup. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, fairly pale. I need to know what colour eyeshadow etc. Any information would be sooo helpful. Thanks xxxMakeup advice. URGENT!!!!?
Its okay. Dont worry! Im here to help![:

Alright so if your goign to a formal dinner i would say a nice easy smokey eye to go with your black cardigan and shoes and pop out your beautiful blue eyes!

For a clean look put a piece of scotch tape from the corner of your eye to your eyebrow for a diamond kind of shape. First, get a light black/greyish color and apply it all the way to your crease. Then, take a darker black and only put it on the outside corner of your eye. Take the black/greyish color and apply it underneath your eye as well to bring out the color. Then take a black eyeliner and apply it to your upper and lower lids. Some nice black mascara to bring out your lashes will just top your eye make up off!

Then you can use a nice rosy blush to bring out your cheekbones and a clear gloss to make your lips looked plumped!

Remember to be easy with the black eyeshadow because you don't want to look too much! Being natural is key!

Hope i helped[:Makeup advice. URGENT!!!!?
maybe try black eye liner on the top lid w/ a light dusting of smoky brown eye shadow and then a pale pale lip gloss and some blush! Hope this helps!!!
wear dark brown eyeliner and mascara, i would use cover girl lash blast mascara and N.Y.C eye liner (NOT black, thats a no-no for a light skin/light hair/light eyes) and then look at you lips, what ever color your lips are, use a blush that is about the same color, you can use that color for your eye shadow if you want to. by the way your outfit sounds gorgeous i hope u have fun at ur party :D
I think black eyeliner on top lid. and maybe black eyeshadow. Brown would also go, but you should do it so it's toned, like light eyeshadow, then dark if you get me. :)
I would go with simple makeup; put on a little foundation with a pale pink blush. As for eyes; I would go with a neutral eyeshadow with blackish brown mascara and eyeliner. Putting on a little glitter or sparkles as well to make your makeup simple, but with a little pop!
go with the pink eyeshadow
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