Thursday, June 24, 2010

Any makeup advice for a guy (pic too)?

Hey everyone. In my profession (real estate), I need to look my best and make a good first impression. Nice car, nice suit, etc. Now, I think I can perfect my look by adding just a little makeup (don't judge). So I tried and took a self portrait. Any advice out there?鈥?/a>Any makeup advice for a guy (pic too)?
maybe hes born with it, maybe its meybelline!Any makeup advice for a guy (pic too)?
hahahahaha loose the eyeliner
I'm appalled...
you look like the joker.

guy with makeup! you are weird!
wow it is totally working for you ;)


Only emo guys were eyeliner...

no make up!
yeah ..learn how to photoshop
OMG! you scared me! lol. my dog ran away whimping.

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