Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Any makeup advice?? i have really curlly faded red hair and hazel eyes, my skintone is white.?

I have curly red hair %26amp; if mine was faded I'd reach for a Color Pulse by Loreal Paris to brighten it up. Its a temporary color~~ so if its not right for you it washes out in about 10 shampoos. They have several red colors~~ Copper Blast, Red Pulse, Ginger Rush, %26amp; a Mahogany color if you want to go a bit darker. Your roots dont show through when the color lessens. Its easy to apply too. Having a new color will add to you face %26amp; not be overwhelming.

If you are braver than that look at Loreals Feria reds~~ they have a fantastic selection of reds. Stick a shade or 2 from your natural hair color.

I have pale skin~~ not quite white~~ %26amp; have freckles. I use a mineral makeup %26amp; use a translucent finishing powder to finish it up. Check out Physicians Formula makeups because its good for sensitive complexions. Its easy to find %26amp; its not too expensive.

Always apply a moisturizer %26amp; keep your face clean of makeup when you go to bed. I like Clean %26amp; Clears oil free with spf to protect my face from the sun. And its good to help with breakouts too.

Find a neutral blush, pale pinks or peach will brighten your complexion without looking unnatural. Add a bit of blush to your checks %26amp; forehead %26amp; bridge of your nose~~that adds more color to your face. Don't go with copper or shimmers~~ it will look too artificial on your pale skin.

Apply a brown mascara %26amp; brown eyeliner to highlight your eyes. Maybelline products work fine. Black is too harsh for our complexion.

Next pick your eyeshadow color. I love experimenting %26amp; use silvers/grays, lavender/plums, taupes, khakis/tan. Stay away from dark %26amp; shimmery colors though. My fave shadow is a purple!

For your lips its so easy to go with a clear lipgloss or look for a nice peach/apricot color. Or go with a nude lipstick %26amp; use a clear lipliner to keep it from running.

Hope this helps you out! :-)Any makeup advice?? i have really curlly faded red hair and hazel eyes, my skintone is white.?
Depending on how you want to look. One idea is to wear some black eyeliner (not too much, not too little). Also with some bright red lipstick.

Another idea is some light maybe medium green eyeshadow and some clear or rasberry-ish lipgloss.

Hope this helps! :)Any makeup advice?? i have really curlly faded red hair and hazel eyes, my skintone is white.?
use a light tone of eye shadow. You to want it to be overwhelming.

To add some pop to your lashes I'd suggest a brown mascara.

And use a light colored foundation and bronzer to just bring out a little more tone.

Good luck!:)
With thar hair your already half way towards the Ronald McDonald look.

You need plenty of white foundation and lots of bright red lipstick and your set.
You can stay pale (redheads just look weird with a tan), but natural lipstick colors and brown eyeshadows work fine.
go for brighter and bolder shades to really bring out the red in your hair. don't go too bold or other wise you may look washed out.
i agree with the foundation n red lips stick but dont go all moolan foundation on lol!!!!
you should use either a green or brown eyeshadow and brown eyeliner (lightly put on).

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