Thursday, June 24, 2010

*i need some makeup advice please*?

i need some makeup advice please,

i have oily skin and i use proavtiv.

i've also been using bare naturale for a while now and i'd like to try something new.

i was thinking about trying Clinique super-fit, bare minerals or Mac studio fix .

i heard they were all good.

which is the best andd why?

and can i have alittle information on each,or just any that you would reccomend.

thanks in advance =)

*i need some makeup advice please*?
I would advise against Mac just because their makeup tends to be really heavy and makes you break out more. I dont have really bad acne, but after using Mac for about a week, my skin broke out terribly. Clinique might be a good choice because they specialize in improving skin, it just depends whether your skin is super sensitive.. as for Bare Minerals, im thinking about trying it myself so i can help you on that one, sorry

good luck =]*i need some makeup advice please*?
oily skin... you need to use another cleaner called seabreeze. it helps clean your pores and yes, it does dry out your skin somewhat (at least mine) but that's good because it doesnt make it oily. then , since your skin is now dry, get a moisturizer and don't apply too much.

try this one weekend or when you're not going out:

apply seabreeze to your face, and the next day see if you like the results. if your skin became very flaky, then you know to put on a moisturizer afterwards (and only apply it to the very dry sections because moisturizers can make it look oily as well). then just use some moisturizer on the dry spots once you're done with this test.

you know your skin better than anyone else, and you need to start with a good skin cleanser.
I am a mua and have use all of these products. I think your best bet would be to the counters at your local mall and see which feels and looks best on you. The three you have mentioned are all very different from each other. I love MAC and they carry a lot more than just studio fix. If you want mineral check out Mac it is more affordable and sets better.

their make-up selection is broad, and their make up great for all skin types. they have different foundations (etc.) to match your skin type.

my mom uses it, my step sister, and i, occasionally.

your choice!

please comment on my song lyrics. Thank you!;鈥?/a>
Bare minerals. For sure. It's great for your skin and you don't look cakey. Definately give that a try. Hope you like it:)
i love bare minerals

~it looks natural

~not clumpyy
Bare Minerals.

Most of it has SPF 15, it doesn't dry out your skin, and doesn't look cakey.
I use proactiv also, and I love Bare Minerals. It has SPF 15, controls oil, but doesn't dry out your skin!

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