Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Im 14 and i need makeup advice, please :]?

okay so right now

the makeup i use is eyeliner, mascara, powder, and this cream to keep my skin tone fair.

but under my eyes its dark

and in my upper lip its dark, but i dont have a moustache

there is no hair there, just a bit dark.

so i was wondering if i should use FOUNDATION with everything else?

would it get rid of the darkness?

thankkk uIm 14 and i need makeup advice, please :]?
Skip the make up. It will just make you look bad at your age, and is really bad for the complexion. Get some good skin cleansers and then use a touch of lip gloss.

wait for a while. Your face needs a rest.Im 14 and i need makeup advice, please :]?
you are too young to do make up!!!
yess use foundation to even out the color!

if u do get hair ther then wax it!

good luck girly :]
You might use some cucumber slices - they're a natural eye soother, %26amp; might help w/the dark places under the eyes.

I'd say just some concealer, a creamy one not to have to be scrubbed off. always moisturize, morning %26amp; night,

take care of the bodys largest organ. it takes care of you .

thanks for being conscience %26amp; not wanting to look like a Brittney spears or something. eww
start using light foundation, not too much but just enough to even out the skin tone.

make sure that the foundation doesn't have retinal... it is meant for older women with wrinkles... an has been clinically found to cause suicidal thought when in large doses.

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