Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In need makeup,hair advice --advanced pro stuff?

If I was to hire a makeup/hair person I would need to know how to not only what to pay the person, but judge if it's a qualified person. Not only that but considerations must be taken for the camera. I've seen some pro's work and the girls don't look like clowns-- unfortunatly most girls look like clowns after makeup. It has to look natural. Any way, where do I find them, how much do I pay them, that kind of stuff -- ohh the work is for models that may or may not be nudesIn need makeup,hair advice --advanced pro stuff?
Many make up artists have portfolios. You can ask to see their portfolios and ask them where they learned their make up. You should ask the artist if they are familiar with photography make up since it is a lot different than make up you would do for a tv show or movie. You can also get a consultation. They will try doing make up on you and you get to decide whether or not you want to hire them. Some consultations are free and some are not depending where you go. Many make up artists also have websites. So you can search for one in your area.In need makeup,hair advice --advanced pro stuff?
ask around

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