Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makeup advice please?

I have olive skin and greenyblue eyes, what colour eyeshadow would i suit?? i got told that blue would make the colour of my eyes less vibrant..

please i need some help!Makeup advice please?
look at other ppl with olive skkin and green eyes. like Adriana Lima.Makeup advice please?
Shimmery beige, tan, and brown colors would be pretty. Earthy stuff.

Def%26gt; a golden shimmery brown or some olive greens
I would just try experiment. Go look up Mary-Kay and get a makeover. This way you can get a look that you like and can see the results for yourself.
I'm not quite sure if you're asking for an entire makeup look or just for your eyes, but just in case I'll do both.


- Try a golden brown eyeshadow (as far as I know, blue and purple eyeshadows don't work well for anyone). If you can, get eyeshadow from either Stila, Bobbi Brown, or MAC -- they have the best shades. When you buy eyeshadow (assuming you're at a place like Sephora or the makeup counters at Nordstrom), ask the people who work there to try to find a color that works well for you. (Try not to get eyeshadows from drugstore brands ... they come off easily and are definitely not worth the $5 they usually cost.)

- Dark brown or black eyeliner. Try MAC's Eye Kohl in the shade ';Phone Number.'; It's a versatile black that works with almost anything.

- Press an eyelash curler to your eyelashes for about 15 seconds each eye and then apply about 2 strokes of mascara. Try the CoverGirl LashExact mascara in Very Black or Black (brown mascara doesn't look very good), or if you don't mind paying $25 for mascara, get the Fresh Supernova (http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jh鈥?/a> ). It's amazing and it really does make your eyelashes look sky-high.

You're finished with eye makeup! This should have taken about 5 minutes max. This is an easy daily routine.

If you want to have a makeup routine for your whole face, try this. Put on concealer first (that's the way I always do it, although some people put foundation first), then foundation. Swipe on some clear lip gloss and follow through with the eye routine above.

Hope this routine works for you! Good luck.
I think that a matte purple, or gold, or olive green would look good on you.
i think green would look good the more colorful eyeshadow you use the more your eyes stand out.
Why bother with make up?

Let your natural beaty shine through.
1. you NEVER use eye shadow the same color as your eyes. it takes away the ';wow'; factor of your eyes. go with a neutrual shimmery color.

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