Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup advice - foundation?

I have sort of pale skin and I like to wear light foundation and colour with bronzer or blush. What's a good breezy light fresh foundation thats low on cost?

Thanks :)Makeup advice - foundation?鈥?/a>

awesome light foundation鈥?/a>

in peach palette. use the darkest shade and blend a bit below ur cheekbone. then use the medium shade and apply on top of cheekbone and blend where the 2 shades meet. the put the lightest one just above your cheekbone as a highlight

hope i hlpd :]Makeup advice - foundation?
I use a light foundation from Mark(Avon) it leaves your skin feeling nice and fresh and costs $8.
You need to find what specifically works for your skin type

You may want to try going to your nearest drugstore and testing certain products from mass produced lines such as covergirl or maybelline

If you have a larger budget, go to sephora and ask a saleswoman to find one for you and you can test it

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