Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can someone help me out need makeup tips and fashion advice for my male friend who is a crossdresser?

He is in his first phase of becoming a woman....so can anyone give me makeup and clothes advice to pass unto him cause he is abit confused...

thankz he and I would like your responses.xCan someone help me out need makeup tips and fashion advice for my male friend who is a crossdresser?
well first of all he needs to decide if cross dressing is something he only wishes to do in private, or if he wants to go public. dont rush into anything- take your time and think about it. If he does want to go out in public, try going out to a transgender support group. Most groups not only offer support, but also are awre of transgender nights out or can point you in the right dirrection - going on a night out with others of similar mind set can be a safe night out, fun and also a learning expierence.

There are transgender groups online, and they have support meetings in your area or near by. If he is seriously concidering living as a woman, then he needs to learn to look feminine. This will mean, shaving, makeup , how to dress as a woman and then learning how to walk and carry yourself as a woman.

If you speak to your doctor, they should take all gender issues seriously, and will refer you to speak to a specalist. If your thinking of taking hormones, i would recomend you do it through a doctor as self medicating( buying off the internet) is very dangerous. When your on prescribed hormones, you have regular blood tests to make sure your levels arnt too high.

Taking hormones carries not only risks which can be life threatening, but pernament ' side effects' some are desired- some not so. i.e breast developement, mood swings, shrinking of genitals, loss of ability to gain an errection( if doseage is high).

As for makeup and clothes, other tv's at the suport group may offer tips on that. But i would say my tips would be :

1. shave well, dont forget arms, pits and legs!

2. light makeup- yor trying to enhance not bury- unless you want the drage queen look - then slap it on!!.

3. dress appropiatly. Basically i would look for women of a similar age and use that as a starting opint of what i should be dressig like. But if your going for the drag queen or fancy dress- then that rule of thumb doesnt apply.

Can someone help me out need makeup tips and fashion advice for my male friend who is a crossdresser?
It is very helpful if he finds support groups in his area. Society in general is hostile to anyone who crosses gender lines, so it is really important to talk to others who are like-minded in a supportive environment. A support group can totally help him with the look and clothes and all.

That said, there are lots of resources online (like Yahoo groups).

I recommend dressing in private until he feels stronger in his presentation.

Tell him he should get some clothes to see if it's right for him, the best place for them is charity shops the clothes are cheep and most of the people there are understanding so if he came up with a good excuse they wouldn't ask many questions. he will also need to find out his dress size, http://stores.tgirlshomeshopping.com/Page.bok?template=size_guides thats a good website but i found out mine by trial and luck, I'm 16 (years old) and am dress size 10/12 (both are goods fits), shoe sizes are the same, tights are generally one size and will have to be bought for new from a place like Boots (if you live in the UK)

Hope this helps :D
it depends if he wants on if he wants to be a girly girl or not but usaly the same thing applies dress, panties,bra,tights you konow that sort of thing and dont overdo the makeup. be careful with eye shado it cam sometimes look bad
Just hide the masculinity and is he a crossdresser or a transsexual individual. If he wants to be a woman he can take hormones but they have to be prescriibed....
not too much of everything
chriss from holyoaks look at him xx

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