Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need hair and makeup advice?

Hair: I have golden blonde hair a little past my shoulders with angle bangs. I want to do something new and out there but not like crazy like purple blue ETC. any advice? p.s my head is kinda round but not freaky round.

makeup: I have fair skin with deep blue eyes. I'm trying to find the best make up for me. Any advice?I need hair and makeup advice?
For make-up dark blue eyes are not hard to bring out! Avoid trying to change the shape of your eyes with shadow (like contouring) you'll make you're eyes look smaller! The best colors for your eyes are browns, grays, blacks, or other neutral tones but also try experimenting with fun colors, you'll be surprised! When using eyeliner keep it the line as thin and close to the lash line and waterline as possible and use liquid eyeliner only when you're attempting bold eyes. (such as for an interview or date)

For your hair try straightening it. Since your hair only goes slightly past your shoulders curling and waving might make your face look even rounder but just because straight hair looks great on you doesn't mean you're stuck with only one do! Mess with your bangs and experiment with headbands, boho bands, and braids! Check out Lauren Conrad for some cute styles since she has a round face too.

Best of luck and hope I helped (:I need hair and makeup advice?
Try faint pink highlights. They are kinda edgy, but not out there, and if done right can still be considered professional. Also a chocolate brown might work as well. With the hairstyle you have you can really tread in a lot of different areas of style. Have fun with it!

For make-up, greens and purples are really good for blue eyes. You should go to your local Macy's and ask a MAC consultant. If you let them know you are in for a new look they will give you a complimentary makeover and try to help you find what is best for your skin type and color.
I would get light blond highlights along with low lights. Which are pretty much highlights but are darker colors than your natural hair color. You can even dye the bottom portion of your hair darker. let your bangs and hair grow out and then later get pretty layers. NOT CHOPPY LAYERS! unless your punk. But i got choppy layers and im not punk and i HATE them.

For makeup, if you have good skin, like reaaallly good skin, just put a little powder on every day. If you dont have the best skin, use consealer and a little more powder.

for your eyes, it depends on your age. eyeliner and mascara definitly. try some smoky colors. Or golds.

If your skin is oily, read the ingredients on your facial makeup. If it has moisterizer or shea butter in it, its making ur skin worse.

if you have dry skin, read the ingredients and make sure no alcohol is in it. That dries your face out. Try to get products with shea butter in it.
don't ever match your eyeshadow to your clothing or your eye color!

If you have blue eyes, wearing blue eyeshadow will make your eyes look duller. I find that when someone has a round face their hair looks good around chin length! unless you aren't looking to cut your hair :) idk.

id put peek-a-boo highlights maybe a brown not black though would look good!..hope this helped.
when you go to a salon , just tell them what you want and they'll help you decide, there very good about directions, just make sure you know what their doing to it!

black eyeliner looks very nice with blue,but also use golds,pinks,shimmers are nice too!
you should just get a stylist to help you, because i don't think you can handle all that. thats how i'm so gorgeous thank God!

hey answer my question:

use either silverish or gold on your eyes. gold brings out every eye color.

maybe dye the underneath of your hair darker like brown or black.
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