Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makeup advice? fair skin a little bit of freckles bright green eyes?

I have fair skin, freckles, and green eyes (more on the blue end of green than the hazel end).

I usually wear just a little red tinted lipgloss and some mascara, but if I'm getting done up, I usually wear gold or brown eye makeup.

The biggest problem I've had is finding a foundation that matches my skin tone. I'm really pink, and most foundation is too yellow. I usually wear a tinted moisturizer instead so it isn't much of a problem. MAC makes very nice pinkish foundations, though, so that's what I wear. If you go to any MAC store they'll make you look GOOD!Makeup advice? fair skin a little bit of freckles bright green eyes?
Well my advice to you would to save your money by not wearing makeup. Once you start wearing it you will never stop and it just keeps getting more expensive every day.Makeup advice? fair skin a little bit of freckles bright green eyes?
mac and neutral tints
Highlight your eyes with something soft and shimmery.

Nothing too drastic, but people LOVE green eyes.

I have them, I love them, I would never give them up.

Anyway, a soft taupe eye shadow will do wonders.

Don't do eyeliner unless it's powdered, apply it with a slanted brush.

Try a brown eyeshadow and just use it as eyeliner (on the top).

If your eyes are close together use it other the outside edge of your eyelid, right into your lashline.


It looks tacky, and freckles are so cute :)
Wow, you sound like me.

I don't wear makeup, but these are the suggestions I've been given.

If you're fairskinned, go with a fair toned foundation. Warm colors are generally better for lighter toned girls. Peachish or light pink blush. Keep it subtle. For your eyes, use green eyeshadow to draw attention to your eyes, then highlight with a plum color to make them pop. Of course, be careful with this. It does draw a lot of attention. If you'd rather keep it inconspicuous, go with a light, shimmery neutral. Keep the lips simple, with a neutral or light shade. Again, peach or pink.

Young, fresh, and simple is best. Don't wear too much makeup, as it's the face underneath that counts. Use it to accentuate your best features, not to cover up what you don't like. Someone else might just like you for who you are.
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