Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makeup advice for prom?

I have a deep purple colored dress, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. What makeup pallette should I use for prom? Or does anyone know a professional in the Hagerstown/Cumberland, MD area to recommend??Makeup advice for prom?
use a soft brown eyeliner and soffen it up by using a q-tip. the best color for blue eyes is purple so i would sugest using a light purple with a silver shimmer below your eyebrow.Makeup advice for prom?
Avon's true color eyeshadow quad palettes have nine new sets of shades now for $5.49. It sounds like you could go with the violets, mauves or denim blues. You're definitely in the cool color category as far as your skin undertones. A rose shaded blush or lipstick and lipliner would go great with dark hair and fair complexion and also blend with the purple color of your dress.
Try neutral colors.
Picking a purple dress is perfect for you, dramatic purples look great with blue eyes and brown hair. There are several sets of shadows you can buy, and most stores will let you take the product home and try it out, if you don't like it just return it and get your money back, make sure to keep your receipt. playing around with different colors can be fun.

I love the makeup artists at the mall near my house. Wear a shirt similar to the color of your dress when you go in. They will put the makeup on you and teach you how to apply it for free.

If you decide to buy an eye shadow pallet....

From the lashes to the crease, apply your first shadow(a dramatic purple)

From the top of the first shadow to just below the brow bone, apply your second shadow(a softer shade)

From the top of the second shadow to your brows, apply your third shadow(a very pale shade)

apply your eyeliner(optional)
two points sucka!
Well, go for the neutrals. Like you are not even wearing makeup. It makes you look more youthful. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH. You will look aged, and will look like you are sweating, (which you really are from so much makeup)

Use this, if you want to look great: non-clumping mascara, a tint of foundation, lip gloss, a tad of two-toned eyeshadow. Tip: when choosing lip gloss, make sure color is no darker than the inside skin of your mouth.
Prom Makeup Tips


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