Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup Advice Please?

I typically wear eye make up and nothing else.

But I often can't find good eye makeup.

What would say is the best Mascara and Eye Liner?

And is it better to use eye liner top and bottom or just one or the other?Makeup Advice Please?
i would say mascara is better rather than eyeliner, as it opens up your eyes.

apply liner to both the top and bottom if you like. it depends what kind of look your going for.

try collosal by maybelline for a good mascara, define a lash also by maybelline.

a good eyeliner would be by barry m, they have good quality cosmetics.Makeup Advice Please?
I normally use it on the bottom, looks ok on both though.
revlon colorstay eyeliner in black and maybelline great lash mascara (its pink with a green tube)

you can try both bottom and top or just top

i have big brown eyes so i use eyeliner on the top and mascara on top and a little on bottom
mascara=max 2000 calorie? (something like that)

eyeliner=revlon something in black velvet... def! so smooth, and i luv the color, its more like a deep blue. omg, best ever! i swear!
best drugstore mascara: volume exact (by maybeline??)

eyeliner: almay?

liquid on the top and a SUPER THIN line of pencil eyeliner on the bottom.
Hi all

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Well, I don't know what your budget is but probably one of the best would be MAC. If you're going for a store brand, I like Maybelline or Cover Girl. I think the amount of eye liner you use and how it is applied depends on the shape/size of your eye. I personally really like the black liner on the upper lid for a dramatic look, however I have small eyes, and applying that on me makes my eyes look very small.…

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