Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Advice on costume/makeup/tricks for film?

My friends and I are filming a short musical for media studies class, and we've run into a bit of a problem. We wrote the script to include a male lead, but there aren't any guys in the group of drama students who've been assigned to us. Thus, we've had to use a girl to play this part.

Now, this girl is quite tall and does have very short hair, but I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips on makeup, costume or filming tricks in general in order to make this character more realistic (aside from the concealment of certain assets, we've got that part covered - excuse the pun :P)

ANY help at all would be so appreciated, since the deadline for the project is in only a couple of weeks. Remember, I ALWAYS choose a best answer.Advice on costume/makeup/tricks for film?
Your first misstake was to write a story without seeing the board so to say.

Try to find out if you can re write your story so that the lead part is a girl instead. Most times it isnt that hard. Or you can re write it so its a kind of transwestit (a girls that is a male) type of story. It will ad to the tension of it (will she get exposed and if so will it be the end of her dream?)

To answer your question: Most females, if they arent to well endoured, can play males fairly good with some help of costume and make ups. There are severel cases when females played hamlet for example. Johan

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