Thursday, June 24, 2010

I wanna try something new makeup advice?

i have medium brown hair and blue eyes my skin tone is also medium to light i wanna know what would be the best eyeliner mascara eye shadow and lip gloss color for meI wanna try something new makeup advice?
You are lucky because pretty much every color eyeshadow will go well with blue eyes. Purples, grays, blues, turquoise/greens make blue eyes pop. You should definitely check into those colors.As far as eyeliner, black is always classic if used correctly. Never line your entire eyeball with black. Using black liner all around your eye will cause a ';raccoon'; appearance and will make your eyes look smaller. You want your eyes to stand out so only use black eyeliner on your upper eyelid and if you want and are experienced with eyeliner you can line your waterline (inside of your bottom eyelid). Adding a hint of white or a light silver on the inner corner of your eyes (near the bridge of your nose) will make your eyes appear larger. Besides black eyeliner you can use a variety of eyeliners. Dark blue and green would work very well. I also find that brown/dark brown makes blue eyes stand out. As far as mascara, I would go with black or dark brown. Always make sure you apply your mascara in thin layers and you should always comb and curl your lashes. Combing your lashes separates clumps and curling gives a more polished look. With lip gloss you can never go wrong with a peachy lip gloss or a soft pink gloss. Nude colored lip gloss are always great as well. If you want to work with more color you can try lip tints. Which will give you more color than a gloss but less color than lipstick. I hope that this helps!I wanna try something new makeup advice?
EYELINER- revlomn has a great range of eyeliners that i myself like to use occasionally (:鈥?/a>


EYESHADOW- maybelline has the best range of eyeshadows because they stay on alll dayy (: great clours to (:鈥?/a>

LIPGLOSS- pale is the best way to go (:鈥?/a>
Hello, I started using the new line, called, Avon magix,I go online, the the Avon website, and oder it, you usually get better deals too. I also like the Estee Lauder makeup, usually about twice a year, if you buy a bottle of their perfume, they give you ,free makeup, as a gift, which if you brought it, it would be over a hundred dollar, usually it is Belk's, that does it. I wish you lots of luck, and I am very surprised, at all the new products, that have come out, since , just the powder foundation,. ITake care, Tara
lip gloss: try virgin kiss by M.A.C cosmetics, and a great liner is by urban decay called zero, and mascara lash blast by cover girl. or too faced lash injection
I think this look would be cute:

- dark brown eyeliner only on the waterline

- Mascara: get a dark brown or black

-lip gloss: something cute and peachy or nude;]!

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