Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hair/Makeup advice for school dance....?

K, so the 8th grade dinner dance is tomorrow.

I already have my

dress (pink with sparkles, rouching, two-tiered skirt that falls just above my knees, halter strap, and light pink satin ribbon right above my waist)

shoes (champagne colored strappy sandals with gold jewels as an accent and a little under a 2 inch heel)

and accessories (gold stud earrings in second hole, gold dangly ones in first)

but I am totally stumped as to what i should do for hair and makeup! I want to keep it simple, since I want to be able to dance and be active, but I still want to look nice. I have a pale complexion, but right now I have a healthy tan, green eyes, and dark brown hair which falls to a little under the middle of my back. All suggestions welcome. Obviously, the one I use or helps me the most gets the 10pts.

Thanks in advance!Hair/Makeup advice for school dance....?
Go as natural as possible, especially since you're tan now. I'd go for a shiny lip gloss instead of lipstick. Definitely accentuate your eyes...a little mascara...some shimmery eyeshadow (there are lots of gold/summery colors in the stores now).

As for your hair, I'd curl it and pull some of it up, like a half updo. I'm sure you'll look great!Hair/Makeup advice for school dance....?
HAIR FIRST: wash and dry your hair. Leave it down then take about half of it and put it up in a clip(pink maybe) then curl the hair thats down and curl the hair thats up. MAKE-UP SECOND: try a pink glossy lipstick. or Pink lipstick then a little bit of gloss. Maybe some pink blush, and light pink eyeshadow. Light enough u cant tell its pink but kinda can tell.
the dress and shoes and everything sounds for makeup just do slightly smokey eyes...light blush...and clear lip gloss( keep it simple!;-)...try your curling your hair with hot rollers and leave it down or clip back a little of it or put it up in a sexy will look great!!!
Makeup tips鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Hair tips鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

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1.Soft pink or tan eyeshadow to match your clothes.

2.Curl your hair. There are several good ways to do it. Pin curling or scrunching is the only way i can get it to go. Pin curls are easy. Take some of your, twist it until it's up against your head, then pin it in place for a while.

3. Do you have a nice gold or pearl necklace? That would look REALLY elegant. Borrow one if you don't.

4. If you can't curl your hair, put it up into a messy bun or a more elegant one if you can. Claire's boutique has great hairstuff for occasions like these.
For makeup selection, try the following site鈥?/a>
ok leave ur hair down but like a little clip to the side and for makeup do a lite pink and for lip color a lite red or a dark pink
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