Thursday, June 24, 2010

I need makeup advice?

I am young and I need help. I am aloud to wear makeup but idk what kinda to us like I have foundation and stuff, but should I wear mascara and Eyeliner? Please help meI need makeup advice?
A little bit of mascara is really all you need, too much make up on a child or young teen does not look well.

If you are young and have good skin then you won't need foundation, better that you keep your face relatively make up free so as not to block your pores.I need makeup advice?
it depends really. if you dont need to wear foundation then dont, chances are if your still quite young you have good skin anyways, and wearing foundation is only going to cause you to start getting spots.

you should just go for natural, with a bit of mascara and maybe some blusher for during the day and stuff, then that way when you have an occasion, like a party or something you can put a little more on, maybe eyeliner and eyeshadow and stuff, then people will notice a difference and it will just be like a nice way to help you dress up a bit rather than being like a daily chore of putting make up on.

hope that helped.. i kinda blabbed on a bit. haha

Well if you're young, you probably don't need foundation, but if you want to, i strongly suggest bare minerals. The mineral foundation doesn't clog your pores, and makes it good for your skin. Then, if you want eyeshadow, keep it natural and go for a neutral shade like something close to your skin color. Also a peachy pink looks natural and very pretty. Experiment with yourself, watch youtube videos (they're very helpful), look up things, and just have fun with it. With eyeliner, don't put it on heavily. Put a very thin line, here is a video to help,鈥?/a>

Use a neutral lip gloss, close to you acual lip color, and if needed blush, put very little.

The key is, natural.

being a teenager is all about time! do you have an hour or two just for makeup? so go simple. curled eye lashes and mascara are a must! if you have time, go with foundation (if foundation is too heavy try a tinted moisturizer), blush, curled eye lashes and mascara, a little eyeliner to the bottom, and for more dramatic eyes, use a liquid liner on top in a thin (thin thin thin) line.

if you want to see my video on makeup tips for teens visit:鈥?/a>
Don't go heavy with the make-up....make yourself look natural.

First apply foundation...if you even need it.

Then i would put a sparkle onto my eyes, a little bit of mascara and a little bit of eye-liner....

That will make a huge change and you stilll look natural.!
You're young, use concealer, mascara, lip gloss, bronzer or blush, translucent powder, and a light eyeshadow.

Keep it natural! :)
well i am 12 and i wear mascara and eyeliner. i also wear lip gloss and a tiny bit of blush. but thats all no eyeshadow or make-up or anything like that.

hope this helps

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