Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girls, I need makeup advice. help?

I'm wearing a medium blue top to work tomorrow, I have brown eyes and reddish brown hair. What color eyeshadow would look best?Girls, I need makeup advice. help?
dont go with a bright blue lke most people do. i would go with a silverish-blue tone, and not make it stand out all that much. subtle is the best way to wear eyeshadow, acording to me. and work it. try doing a variation- lighter around the corner, darker as you go in ect.

im more of an eyeliner person- not too gothish i might add. for the upper lid, use a thin liquid liner. for the lower part, use a kohl pencil; they come out the darkest. black lengthing mascara [the green bottle is the best... i forgot wat its called] and curl it.

use blush, and bronzer to add color.

also if you decide to do your eyes bold or more, than make sure your lips are not to bright. i would use just plain lipgloss, or lipgloss with a tint of color. if you must go with color go with a neutral color- light pink, nude ect. depends on ur skin color. and make sure to moisturize ur lips; chapped lips are never good ;] remember too much makeup everywhere is not a good look unless your going to perform on stage or going out for the night.

Good luck !Girls, I need makeup advice. help?
just add some silver and some light blue you'll look gorgeous.
i say like a LIGHT! aqua blue to bring out ur medium blue shirt
Okay, try and look partially natural, i don't think that blue eyeshadow would go with red hair... but try adding light browns, and a little eyeliner, but don't add heavily amount of anything. the eyeliner will bring out the gorgeous brown eyes. The brown eyeshadow just ENHANCES you eyelids (which is the point of makeup)... so yeah
Dark/medium brown or a little navy lliner
for work-you should just go w neutral colors, u can still play it up a little, and have fun w maybe a thin line a black eyeliner just to enhance ur eyes, remember during the day less is best! if ur going out w/ this outfit have fun and use the browns w pink and a thicker liner. good-luck, my best advice though is just experiment
you should do a pretty smoky eye with black eyeliner on youur top lids then put dark gray eye shadow towards the bottom and go lighter as you go up near your eye brows.
I think a pearly nude color will look great with the medium blue. Look ethereal with a light shimmery shadow on the inner corners of your eyes :)

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