Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eye makeup advice (pref. professionals onli)!!!?

i have blue/grey eyes and want to bring them out a bit. i have long brown hair with a front fringe that stops just above my eyes and around my eyes i have like a darkish tone which can make me look sorta goth sometimes...i want to have brighter and bluer looking eyes- any suggestions??

thankyou!Eye makeup advice (pref. professionals onli)!!!?
Browns, not blacks bring out blue eyes.

I'm not a professional, but I can tell you that that is the honest truth.

A dark, chocolate brown liner, and another brown shadow will make your eyes look bluer.

Also, add a small amount of blue to your eyelids, and it'll all work.

(The opposite of blue is orange. That, more than anything will make them look bluer.)Eye makeup advice (pref. professionals onli)!!!?
shimmer vanilla under your brows and then shimmer grey on your lids and bit above the lids with a thin black eye-liner and black mascara is what you need. I have the same eyes (sounds like) and when I want them to be the piercing blue that is what I do. They almost look like HUSKY dogs eyes...sooooo blue... go neutral for your lips and just a bit of blush with a nice neutral foundation with a bit of powder to prevent oily skin for the summer...DO NOT forget to go over your eyebrows with a powder pencil to give them a beautiful shape and color!!! Hope it helps!
To bring out the color in your eyes you always want to look for a color opposite the color wheel. For instance, browns will draw more attention to your eyes whee as waring a blue will draw attention away from your eyes and to your eye shadow color. There is a great book you can pick up at almost any bookstore, it's called Simple Beauty by Robert Jones. It has LOTS of information and is very customizable :-)
Well Almay has this eyeshadow that is made according to your eyecolor.

and i used it and it works really good

just not the mascara, dont buy theirs!

but they have the shadow and liner that are supposed to make your eyes look intensified or more bold. It really brings out your eye color!!

Heres the link:


Oh and you are probably wondering where they sell it.Well it is sold at Wal-Mart. and i dont know where else.
well you can bring out the grey or blue with blue or grey colored liquid eyeliner or colored mascara. you could pick like a blue eyeliner even dark blue or any color blue would bring out your eyes and to match your hair get brown eye shadow shades and brown mascara.
Im no professional, but every bit helps, right?

Anyway, try using a small line of brown eyeliner around your eye. It will bring out your eyes.

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