Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup advice please?

I have very dry skin and would like to find a way of applying makeup that will help to keep my skin glowing. I usually use a bit of concealor under my eyes, but even after moisturising I find that a few hours later it has all dried and under my eyes look disgusting. I suffer from dark circles under my eyes (their not that dark, but hereditary and since i havent gotten much sleep look terrible lately) im only 18 and i have so many problems with my skin which is getting me down. please help!Makeup advice please?
Get yourself some Dr Feelgood from Benefit cosmetics. It comes in a little tin and looks like a white balm or wax and it costs about 拢20. The packaging says to use after foundation but I spoke to my skincare consultant and he said you can use it beforehand. Apply your moisturiser and then use the Dr Feelgood over the top, it will 'lock in' the moisture and also make your skin feel smooth. They apply your concealer on top.

Good luck :)Makeup advice please?
Make sure you use a night cream each night and a day cream before you apply your makeup. What about using something like bio oil as part of your routine, it's meant for dry/problem skin. You should also drink lots and try and eat your 5 a day (unless already doing so!) once you have tried that routine you might find your makeup is easier to apply.

As for your makeup what about trying a tinted moisturiser? Also YSL's Touche Eclait is great on dark circles and is easy to apply.
I have dry skin aswell and i know what a nightmare it is!

Before i apply make up, i wash my face and then put moisturizer on.

I then apply my make up... And i mix my foundation with a little moisturizer and this works for me!

My skin looks dewy afterwards :)

Maybe you should try a different brand of concealer! I use MAC Studio stick concealer and MAC MoistureBlend Foundation and it doesnt make my skin flaky at all!
Neutrogena has a moisturizer that is works really well and it is tinted. I would suggest going to buy that. It would provide some color but it moisturizes really well. You can apply your other makeup over it.
apply moisturizer before bed and in the morning before putting your concealer on.

or you can try a foundation that is oil free like pure makeup from Maybelline. Just apply a light layer with a makeup sponge.
you should wash your face really good at night and apply a soft coat off coco butter it works really good for me and my face is really soft

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