Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peachy skin makeup advice?

Okay I am capable of doing my own makeup

BUT I wanted to know what colors, in your opinion, look good on medium %26amp; peach toned skin.Peachy skin makeup advice?
it depends, do you want a natural look or edgy look?

for natural i would say, pink, pinkish colors, or redish colors, ya know the pageant girl look. For like edgy i would say dark colors like black, brown, midnight brown etc. for the eyes i would experiment, blue, green, whatever. Be creative.Peachy skin makeup advice?
My opinion..... if you have peachy skin, try to stay with peachy or earthy tones. Bronzers are nice but make sure you get help picking the proper shade. Lipstick... check out the shade called ';Hue'; from Mac. Really nice nude lipsticks would be great for your skin. Brown eyeliner/eyeshadow, taupes.....

Good luck!
Corals, greens, pinks with a slight peach tone to them. Of course red lipstick works well, a nice classic red.
light colors look great on peachy colors..

like for eyes I'd use a light purple or pink..

for lips try a netrual color.

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