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Hey do u have makeup advice for me??!!?

I need make up advice! Anything could help me! I'm in dire need! Please give me any advice for making my face look better. i have dark circles around my eyes and pinkish cheeks! plz help! thanxHey do u have makeup advice for me??!!?
The 2 best and most natural looking Drugstore Make-up Brands (And neither test on Animals!):

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty


(Remove the space between sally and hansen)

Check out the videos on the website for suggestions.

Physician’s Formula


(Remove the space between physicians and formula)

Physician’s Formula Recommendations:

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder: ~$13.00 individual, ~$20 in the 3 pack

(Voted “Best Face Powder” in Star Magazine)

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Blush: ~$12.00 individual, ~$20 in the 3 pack

(Won ';Testers’ Favorite Product Award'; in Fitness Magazine and Awarded “Natural Beauty Award” in Natural Health Magazine)

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Matte Finishing Veil: ~$13.00 individual, ~$20 in 3 the pack

The 3 pack is not on the website, but I know for a fact it is sold at Target. It's probably sold at Walmart, and wherever they carry physician's formula products. The colors I saw that it came in were fair, light, and medium. They probably have Tan; I just didn’t see it at Target.

I have oily skin, so here’s a tip if you do, too. Just carry around the Talc-Free Matte Finishing Veil in a purse or backpack (for school or work or shopping or whatever) and apply it when you feel oily. It's 100% translucent, so it just eats the oil without looking chalky or heavy.

To me, the mineral powder and blush looked hard, like I'd have to scrape it with my powder brush, but really it comes of quite easily. Take the brush it comes with and just dab it on, it'll come off without any rubbing at all.

Think the color wheel. On the color wheel, the opposite of red/pink is green, and because they are opposite, the green will cancel out the red/pink and that in return will cancel out the green, creating a perfectly even face. So you want to use a powder or liquid that is a green color. You also want to use a moisturizing gentle cleanser.

Drugstore Options/Suggestions:

Pressed Powder:

Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder in soft green, ~$13.00…

Powder Palette Multi-Colored Face Powder in green, ~$14.00…


Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Cream Concealer in Soft Green, ~$8.00…

Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Concealer Stick in Soft Green, ~$8.00…

Face Tints:

Self Defense Color Corrective Moisturizing Lotion (SPF 15) in green tint, ~$8.00…

Soothing Face Wash:

Gentle Cleansing Lotion for Normal to Dry Skin, ~$8.00…

If you get nothing else, get the pressed powder to conveniently carry around in a purse or backpack to apply throughout the day when needed.Hey do u have makeup advice for me??!!?
For starters:

Make sure you have one focal point. Don't do everything dark because it will look like you are wearing too much makeup.

For the dark circles:

try some cover-up just below your eyes. liquid type works best, but i don't think there is a way to completely cover them up. it should help though

For Pink cheeks:

Well, i have pink cheeks myself, one plus is that you don't have to worry about wearing blush, but i get how they can sometimes be too pink. Try some mineral powder foundation and work it brush it onto your skin in circular motions. but make sure you don't load the powder onto your brush. put it on lightly. and then add layers if you need to.

Hope that helps!
Sounds like you have nice skin and you just need to blend in some spots. Whenever their is a spots or area of your skin you want to blend in with your complication I recommend a concealer in the form of a stick. Benefit makes a wonderful concealer you only use the concealer were you need for example around your eyes and blend it in with your completion. As far as pink cheeks that a good thing. People pay for pink cheeks example blush. Benefit can be found a Dillard's, Bel ks, Macy's. Or you could try Cover Girl or Revlon.
I won't give you specific advice ( you can email and ask) but to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes... the old trick is to put half of a cold potato over your eyes to reduce the darkness and puffiness. Then, put cover up under your eyes, one shade darker than your foundation shade. Good Luck !
I have the same problem!

For my cheeks, I use the E.L.F all-cover stick.

To get it, go to

And, for under eye circles, I put a whitish eyeshadow on them.

i.d. bare minerals eyeshadow in Chenille.

They both work really good!

And an eyeliner trick I know is to but eyeliner inside your eye, on the skinny strip of skin in front of your eye.

It doesn't hurt, but be careful to not get your eye.

Hope I helped.

first of all you are LUCKY you have pink cheeks, no need for blush! for the undereye circles you can try covering them up with concealer but for a longer lasting home treatment try going to…

and try some of there soulutions! they have lots of info and ways to reduce circles.!

i hope this helps!

Some Dark Brown Or Black Whichever U Prefer

With Some Dark Or Light Green, Pink, Or Purple Eyeshadow!

Pink light Lip Gloss

And some Light Pink Blush!

Oh And Black Mascara!!

if you have dark circle use The Body Shop vitamin E eye cream. It works great!! I really love that product. i hope that helps. :)
use a bronzer for the pink cheeks

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