Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need makeup tricks and advice?

I ont know how to really put on makeup couldsomeone give me someone tricks and advice? My hair is a dark blonde with brown and red highlights and fair skin and rosie cheeks anyone have any idea of what colors I should wear?I need makeup tricks and advice?
Ok first of all DON'T GO OVERBOARD ON THE MAKE-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second of all make sure you get a natural look.

3. Here are some good colors for eyeshadow: soft pink, baby blue, baby turquoise, mint green, and some other colors that you can decide on

4. Lip color: soft pink, darker shade of pinkish red, and hot pink (if you go for hot pink get lancome's hot pink it really isn't like the hot pink you see on other stuff it is a gentle pink that is totally pretty). That is some of my suggestions.I need makeup tricks and advice?
For putting on the makeup go to: http://tyrashow.warnerbros.com//tips/mak鈥?/a>

And for the colors you can't go wrong with natural colors and clear lip glosses.
Earthy tones such as any shades of green,tan,pinks,reds,dark purples etc
The BEST make up advice I can give somebody is to not put on alot of make up. Make sure it looks really natural. When you put alot on it makes you look really bad!
basic advice that i go by is less is more, you never want to cake it on. for a foundation i use this mouse stuff from loreal and it goes on simple without leaving my face all oily and then i use just a touch of 'tru blend' from cover girl as powder. when you are applying the foundation with your hands, it's best to wash your hands first, just to get the oil off of your fingertips, then dab it on, don't smear it on your face-that can cause your pores to clog more and breakouts happen. nobody wants that. so dab it on. and always wash it off at night. for blush-don't go pink. i have dirty-blond hair and i'm fairly pale and i use a variety of colors when it comes to blush. generally for brightening go for peachie colors. I have this great 'sunshine peach' color from loreal that i love!! but i also have more reddish brown tones that i use quite often. also, when you wake up and you dont have a lot of time for makeup in the morning and you have dark circles and your eyes just dont have very much 'brightness'... something i do-that i ALWAYS get compliments on-is i brush some blush on my eyelids and use mascara. my eyes are bright and big and full. i look rested and calm.

hope this helps. always remember though-less is more. save the dark colors for nightime and weekend parties. :-)

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