Thursday, June 24, 2010

Almay makeup advice?

I recently got into a car accident and have a cut on my face...I want to cover it with makeup, it's not big just noticeable. I use almay makeup and am not interested in switching brands. What specific almay products will help cover this cut up so it doesn't appear to be red. I don't care if people know it's there I just want to hide it's redness.Almay makeup advice?
I would recommend using face lotion first and letting it absorb before applying a quarter size amount of almay skin smoothing foundation with your fingers. After allowing this to dry, use a pressed power with the included sponge. The sponge applies a even layer that is very good at hiding redness. Next, a layer of loose powder in a slightly lighter shade applied with a large brush will finish beautifully. Using extra products will only make your face look cake-y and like you are covering something up. Almay is a great brand, their foundation is the only kind I will use. Remember, a shade lighter foundation with the correct color powder will keep you from looking orange or red. Also, extend the product onto your neck and blend so you don't have a make up line.Almay makeup advice?
I would use the Almay Nearly Naked庐 Cover Up Stick, since it's creamier and thicker. I would have reccomended a green concealer as well, since your scar is red.. but they don't make any. If you really don't want to try anythign other than Almay and if you have any green eyeshadow from them you can mix a bit of it in (reffer to the color of the green concealer stick in the link). N.Y.C makes a green concealer stick that will work for you until your redness is gone. Your face won't look green either, but it will erase the red. Yellows erase blues/purples if you have any bruising :) You may have to apply some of it before and after foundation (depending on the actual scar). Good luck!
(i loove almay by the way)

this would work鈥?/a>

and then put the foundation over it.

persoanlly i like liquid concelear better so try this too鈥?/a>

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