Thursday, June 24, 2010

I need eye makeup advice for prom please! It's May 27th.?

My dress is a deep royal purple color. My hair is black, my eyes are dark hazel, and my skin is light/tawny. My jewelry and shoes are silver. Price is not a question for me, so I'm open to all products. My eyelashes are already long, so advice on mascaras that curl and thicken would also be greatly appreciated. I'd also prefer makeup that will last a long time. I'm not afraid of glitter or metallic colors either. I think that's about it. Thank you!I need eye makeup advice for prom please! It's May 27th.?
How about gold eye-make up? Gold goes with purple and I think you'll look fab! If price is not an option for you, then go for a bit pricey, quality cosmetics like Shu Uemura. Try their precise volume mascara ($23) to get super thick lashes. Line your eyes with their eye light pencil in white ($18) to open up your eyes which you can also use as a highlighter. I suggest the pressed eye shadow palette in rich velvet ($65) I think the colors would totally complement your gown! You can order on-line and get free shipping for orders $75 and up.

Have a rocking time at your prom! :)I need eye makeup advice for prom please! It's May 27th.?
well the best advice i can give you is to go to a department store (something like macys) and have them do your makeup at one of the make up counters. just go in about a month in advance to make an appointment because the time slots fill quickly.

it's almost always free, you just have to buy something afterwards.

i did it for 2 proms and all my homecoming dances... and i was never disappointed!
Your dress sounds lovely! I don't know what you look like so can't recommend anything too specific but i can tell you what i'm wearing for prom, may give you a few ideas!!

I'm wearing a black dress with silver jewellery (like you) and metallic silver heels. My eye makeup is going to be subtle, but with silver metallic tones to compliment my jewellery and shoes.

The metallic cream eyeshadow that I got was from BodyShop last christmas, and the texture is perfect. I'm also going to line the top lash line with black eyeliner,. and the best one i've found by far is from Marks and Spencer for 拢2:50!! Way better than benefit, mac and lancome!

Just choose any mascara that you trust and always curl your lashes. At the very end of the lashes i'm going to lightly apply glitter mascara.

With this I will wear a very light pink gloss.

Hope that gave you some ideas, our whole ensemble only differs with the dress (they are both dark so the makeup would compliment your dress too.)

Have a great time I'm sure you will look gorgeous =)

Peach x
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