Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hair color and makeup advice, anyone?

i have just went blonde, and i was fine with it at first, but now i'm not sure, and i never wear makeup i wanted some tips on what you think my hair color should be and how my makeup should be done

send pictures!

heres my photo %26lt;3 thanks everyone! be honest %26lt;3;s=5Hair color and makeup advice, anyone?
well i think you can be bright鈥?/a>


or you can just put eyeliner and foundation and mascara and some pink blush on your cheekbones and this shade of lipstick鈥?/a>

and eyeshadow

maybe bluey colour鈥?/a>Hair color and makeup advice, anyone?
the blond looks really good! I think maybe try putting a dark reddish-burgundy this鈥?/a>

maybe even a little bit darker than that..

and as for the makeup..natural look is always the best (in my opinion) So, try maybe just a little foundation and eyeliner and masqara..

hope it helped!
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You can use a black or brown eye liner or even mascara and it will make your eyes pop with a little eye shadow you will be fine!
a light brown eyeliner. soft eyeshadow colors
omg i love your hair !

i think eyeliner is good and add some blue and silver =]

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