Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Makeup Advice?

Can you guys help me out? I'm in a bit of a makeup rut right now. I tend to wear mostly gold or copper tones with my smaller dark brown eyes. I already know which eyeliner and mascara to use but I'm getting a little sick of wearing the same eyeshadow tones.

What colors really make brown eyes pop?Quick Makeup Advice?
i'm asian with dark eyes and this is wat looks hot on me: neutral brown shadow, with white shadow on brow bone and inner corners to brighten. a lil black liner with white shimmer in the inner rims. try this trust me it looks fantastic!Quick Makeup Advice?
use avon's (i cant exactly remember the brand) and its called';bring out the brown'; and it comes with all the perfect colors to make your color POP
Instead of the golds you're currently using, try some soft purples. Paula Dorf makes my favorites because they are so natural-looking and really enhance dark brown eyes.

You should also try incorporating a shimmery olive (in the crease and on the lid), soft grey and warm pinks.
if you have a dark skin tone use a light lavender or breezy blue and even a grabbing olive or apple green. for a lighter skin tone you should use darker color to bring out your eyes. such as dusty black or charcoal, midnight blue, and even a silver. go opposite for once. But if your ever unsure, try using black just to outline the eyes and add a shade on your lids, black usualy goes with everything.
it depends on your tone of skin and your hair as well because if your blond you can use peach as well as greens and so on but if you have brown hair and brown eyes go with something like a green or beige or pink or something like that. Hope this help but really too find colors you may like buy a mixture until you find the right colors for you. Good luck
I hear that a greenish shade of eye shadow for brown eyes will make your eyes look bigger and more open. Thats what I wear... I have dark brown eyes and I love the way it makes my eyes look. So thats what I would suggest. If not try a sparkle with maybe a creamish color. Or some shade of violet or plum would look really good to. But experiment. Try different things and see what you like best!
at the moment i'm using a honeycomb colour and it looks amazing. really fresh and nice. otherwise any shade of green or purple should make things go ';pop';
Pinks, greens and even blues.
I would try pastel colors...Mac has great shades of purple, and greens that look great with brown eyes.
greens really bring out brown even a really bright blue would do that for you...and if you want to bring to gold tones out in your eyes use some lilac of light purple they will look amazing.
Try something in the plum family or an olive green. Nothing too dramatic, just different. Clinique has some great shades and their consultants will help you find the right look.
use one that matches how your feeling but dont wear yellow %26amp; pillar box red lippy
Blue shadows make brown eyes pop...try going for a smokey blue eye. Most people think they can only smoke their eyes with black or gray, but thats not the case! If you want a shimmery gold shadow that stands out, get MAC's ';Honey Lust';,,,its the best!! I read in ';Redbook'; that gold shadow is popular now...I don't know how true that is but its a reason to stick with what you are comfortable with! Good Luck!

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