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Makeup experts, what's your advice about choosing & using foundation?

I know there are different types: liquid, powder, etc. What looks best? What's easiest to use?

Will foundation also conceal under-the-eye circles, or do you need an different product for that?Makeup experts, what's your advice about choosing %26amp; using foundation?
If you are know your skin fairly well (dry, oily, sensitive), it is easier to find the makeup that works best for you. I have sensitive, dry, aging skin. Moisturization is essential for me to avoid makeup settling into my fine lines.

Mineral makeup IS best, in my experience. In general, it does not cause breakouts or contribute to skin problems. Despite the high prices and ';quality'; ingredients in the commercial cosmetic industry, SO MANY are full of ingredients that are harmful for your skin, you should avoid them if you can. (check that out at Skin Deep cosmetics safety database)

Mineral makeup is very different from other powder/liquid makeup and can take some practice to apply, but can be ';layered'; in its application which is very nice.

Most days that I wear makeup, I wear a concealer (dark undereye circles, blemishes) and a mineral powder foundation.

It is also crucial to use GOOD brushes to apply your makeup. You can't skimp here. You don't have to spend tons of money to get good brushes, but their quality strongly affects the application of your makeup.

If you can start with samples of mineral makeup, that's a good way to go. Not all makeup is perfect for everybody - so try samples when you can. There are tons of mineral makeup companies now: Bare Escentuals/Minerals, Mary Kay, Affordable Mineral Makeup, Mineralicious (I'm a consultant with them), and more. You can google for mineral makeup and find all kinds of options, so if none of those companies interest you - you can find something.Makeup experts, what's your advice about choosing %26amp; using foundation?
Choosing the right foundation is always hard. You can never get the right color for your skin tone, or it's too heavy on your face and looks caked on. I personally have become a huge fan of Lauren Hutton's makeup.

The foundation is very light weight, does not look caked on at all, and gives you a very natural look. It really gives you a nice glowing, flawless look to your skin, I get compliments all the time.

Lauren Hutton's Face Disc Plus Kit, comes with anything and everything you need for your face, and it's only $60. The kit comes with the following:

- Spot Concealers

- Light Concealer

- Contouring Shadow

- Blush/Lip Tint

- Eyebrow Powder

- Pooch %26amp; Nose Powder

- Wet/Dry Eyeliner

- Lip Balm

If you want to take a closer look at what all of this stuff is, you can check it out here: http://www.laurenhutton.com/makeup-kits-鈥?/a>

Hope this is helpful!
What is your skin type and daily activities?

I have an oily-zone, dry cheeks, I work, go to school and play softball so one that is best suited for me is a transfer proof foundation with at least spf 10. The one I use is a liquid that has primer built in already so its easy to apply and since the coverage is buildable I use it as a concealer for dark circles, acne scars and slight redness

Liquid is good for combo-dry skin and powder is can be good for oily skin but is best used by those whose skin is close to flawless already

A lot of people use concealers along with their powder/foundation but I just say find one thats right for you and it will cover everything
You should buy whatever suits your skin. It all comes down to personal taste. And yes, you should you use a separate concealer and foundation.

I'm not a big fan of powder foundation, but i have very dry and sensitive skin, so prefer to use a liquid foundation then apply a loose powder on top.

I think that mineral makeup is a bit of a con. All makeup is based on minerals, and ';mineral'; makeup contains a lot of junk too. Its just a very clever marketing ploy, if you ask me.

Before deciding on a foundation, I'd contact the companies and ask for samples so that you can see if you like the product first.

WOW!! As soon as I saw your question I was going to respond by telling you to try bare escentuals also known as bare minerals. I don't agree that the Mary Kay minerals are just as good. I've been using BE for about 4 years and my friend always loved the makeup but couldn't afford it. When MK came out with theirs she decided to try it and it is not even comparable. I've tried it a few times and it does not give you the same amount of coverage, the brushes aren't as good, and it does not last on you face all day long. BE makes me look like I have perfect skin, MK does not. I would recommend trying BE. If you have a sephora near by you can go there and they will put it on you for free.
I agree about mineral foundation. But Mary Kay has it for significantly less than Bare Minerals, and it works just as well.
Mineral looks the best and natural.

Also it good for skin.

Try bare minerals its a little pricey but works they best.

Also it conceals under-eye circles very good.
mineral is the best..healthy for your skin and is very light feeling

liquid is very heavy and get cakey...

use concealor to decrease apprearances of circles
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