Thursday, June 24, 2010

Please may somebody offer me some makeup advice!?

I'm bored of wearing the same makeup all the time... i guess im just not brave enough to try something new!

Any ideas of makeup that would suit someone with Dark blonde hair, dark brown eyes and midtone/olivey skin.

I usual wear brown or gold eyeshadow, peachy blusher and a peachy or rose pink lipstick.

I really want to be more experimental

Please Help :)

xPlease may somebody offer me some makeup advice!?

1. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone. Dip the end of the makeup brush, and stipple it all over your face. Then using a makeup sponge, blend it in.

2. Use a lipstick that is the same shade as your lips, only a little bit darker. Then apply a clear coat of lip gloss.

3. Use eye shadow color that is a little darker than your skin tone. I suggest a brown or maybe even an olive green to accent your eyes. Use a concealer brush to apply eye-shadow.

4. Using a concealer brush, dust just a little light bit of eye-shadow the same color as your eye-brows over your eye-brows to darken them a little bit.

5. Use a dark brown pencil eye-liner.

6. Apply some bronzer to your cheeks in a nice very very very light brown color.


1. Find some eye shadow in bright vibrant colors. You should prefereably buy an eye-shadow pallete so all the colors match. Go for one with bright green, pink, light purple, white and turquoise, light blue. Using a concealer brush,lightly apply white eye-shadow to your eye lids. Then pick a color that suits your outfit or mood, and apply it regularly.

2. Pick a plumping lip gloss in a nice light pink.

3. Use cherry colored blush, but don't over-do it.

4. Use a tan shade of mineral powder. And dust the powder all over your face.

5. Use collosal mascara.

6. Use a vibrant pencil eyelinerin blue or purple.


1. Apply Foundation.

2. Using a concealer brush, dust your eye lids with white eyeshadow.

3. Over the white, still using the concealer brush, apply dark blue liquid eye shadow.

4. Apple dark-blue or black liquid eye-liner

5. dust your face with a pale mineral powder.

6. In winter, I suggest you leave your lips the same. Just add a chapstick to make sure they won't over-chap and a CLEAR lipgloss as a top coat.

7. Paint your nails dark blue to go with the makeup (optional)

I found that the youtube channel xoevanesco really helped with makeup advice and how to apply makeup. Check it out :)Please may somebody offer me some makeup advice!?
Maybe should get a shimmer gold eye shadow pencil on the lid ;]鈥?/a>

Pink blusher or rose blusher鈥?/a>

and maybe a lip gloss鈥?/a>
experiment! makeup comes off if you dont like it.

try a smokey eye. If you need help, check out youtube and type in smokey eye look or smokey eye tutorials.Or try something colorful, like a medium purple or a nice deep green. If you dont want it on your whole lid, then take an angled brush, dip it in the shadow, and apply it to your bottome lashline.You s
Brown colored eyes can wear just about any color going. Lucky. I have blue eyes so I tend to stick with colors that go with my own eye color. You know, Loreal do eyeshadow that compliments on eye color. Why don't you have a look in a store and see if it's for you?
My only advice is to experiment! Try new colours and find out what kind of thing suits you. There's no need to wear it out in public, just sit in your bedroom and have a play! Try looking on youtube for some great make up application videos too.
like this鈥?/a>
try black eyeliner, but don't make the line too thick and jet black mascara,lots of it, with a nude lipgloss:) x
purple or green eyeshadows would be nice as you have brown eyes :-) or maybe try a smokey eyed look ?
green eyeshadow (: or glitter eyeliner and mascara
HEY don't worry, just try anything when you can, try buying MAC eyeshadows because they are really good at highlighting dark eyes, try a deep purple or turqoise colour or mix pink and turqoise by putting pink in the inner eye and blending it into the turqoise in the rest of your eye lid.

And with your lips, dont try a darker pink or a brighter pink because that will make you look like barbie...

you dont want to look like a goth so dont try any dark colours. could try red or nude its really good.

I have an extra tip for your eyelashes: when using mascara try to make your eyelashes thicker instead of longer and it draws attention to the eyes and with your eyeshadow (pink/turqoise/deep purple) it will draw out a dramatic look to your eyes and with your lips aswell it will make you look either very dramatic or very sexy ;)

try these tips on your skin aswell:

1)use a cleanser before using make up

2)after the cleanser use a moisturiser for sensitive skin

3)when applying eyeshadow be sure to use the right brush with soft bristles or if you are using a proper eyeshadow brush make sure it is made out of a soft velvety material.

4)if you cant find a foundation that matches light skin add moisturiser to foundation and it will extract the bad oils and put in a moisturised affect to your skin.

5)if you use powder be sure to use a big brush not a blusher brush a proper big powder brush (superdrug-拢3)

6)before applying lipstick, use foundation to spread over your lips so that the lipstick stays on for longer.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING THIS I HOPE IT HAS HELPED YOU even though im 12 im very skilled with make-up and beauty appliances as my mum is a beautician and so is my older sister GOODLUCK ;)
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