Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can you give me makeup advice?

I want my eyes to look like the kind in the photo, what do you think of them and tell me how to do it...please?

http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u251/Conversearetoxic/s3.jpgCan you give me makeup advice?
I'm not a big fan of the really dark eyes, but if you like them then go for it! Here's what you need:

-Black liquid liner

-Black volume mascara

Start in the corner of your eye and using the liquid liner. Start tracing your natural line around your eyes until you've traced around the whole eye. Then squinch your eyes and you'll see the wrinkle at the corner of your eye. Trace that with your liner. Finish the look with 2 coats of mascara.

Hope this helps!Can you give me makeup advice?
first, you don't want to look like a racoon! Second, Use moderation, and make it look classy, and DON'T over do it... make yourself, young and beautiful (celebrities usually have the right idea) are-they-wearing-makeup? kinda deal. Go see a mall makeup staff, and try these awesome make-ups

( you could do the liquid eye liner, but make it look like you don't have any on)


-Estee' Laudar




Like shiny, and short, and tight clothes look really ugly, to be honest, THE EYES LOOK WORSE! add a touch of shimmer on your top eyelid with a tad bit of mascara, you'll look gorgeous, add a bronzer too.

Stay with liquid eyeliner, Don't overdoit! Add mascara, and a touch of shimmer, did you think about dusty copper gold eye shadow, add a touch of that to the top of the lid!

Stay to this please! It helps! I hope i helped!

Get a black eyeliner pencil and fill in your lids on the top.

Then swipe a line underneath your eyes.

Make sure the pencil tip is soft or you'll hurt yourself.

This is optional: you can put on a cream eyeliner over your top lids to make them extra dark.

After, whether you decide to do that or not, use mascara.

Also use foundation on the rest of your face before you do your eyes!
for the top i would use a liquid eyeliner.You basically just line the top and on the outer corner of the eyelid you do a slight curve, then you just sorta fill it in to make it a curvy triangle looking thing.

on the bottom you use black pencil liner and line it normally. When you're finished, with a q-tip or something, lightly smudge it.
i think they're pretty kool

you just take black eyeliner/liquid liner and go over the top and bottom lash line and a make a little wing on the outside of your eye

then take black eyeshadow and smudge a little on the top and on the bottom just go a little bit more than halfway arcoss the eye

hope that helps
Buy really black eyeliner line your inner rims and the corners. then line your eyes with a thin line and use the smudger thing and smudge it and use a q-tip to make it look neat, then black mascara, try a shimmery champagne on your inner corner so its not too heavy looking
use liquid eye liner

and sorta just do what the picture has.

curl your lashes

and use mascara.

oh and the eyeliner should be really thick (:

you should go to Arabic grocery shops. They have the best eyeliner in the world called Hashmi Kajal. I use it. I'll never go back to regular eyeliner.
sweetie.. u just put on eye liner...........

on top and the bottom...

and maybe add a little bit of mascara

Hope that helps =]

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