Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makeup advice for new school year..?

So i've been wearing makeup for a while but never really that much of it.. I like to keep it natural looking but maybe wear a little more. any suggestions of brands i can buy at the drugstore (walgreens, rite-aid, wal-mart). tips on how much, what kind, colors, etc. are helpful too. i have dark hazel eyes. thanks!Makeup advice for new school year..?
well this is what i wear like on a day to day basis. i wear that new foundation that dont go into ur pores but i think neutragena is like the best since it dont make it break out and i think it even helps them! and i wear powder bronzer and they have some thats cover girl. i have a very light shimmery powder that i think it just like makes my skin look perfect and my makeup even and its cover girl. i wear mascara thats maybelin i think; its a purple and yellow? and i wear liquid eyeliner how katy perry wears hers and its NYC brand.Makeup advice for new school year..?
smokey look
im a covergirl maybellen girl myself and alll you really need is a good cover up and eye liner a couple good marscaras and your good.

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