Thursday, June 24, 2010

Any eye makeup advice...?

So my favorite features are my eyes, b/c they're green, but the shape is kinda small and heavy-lidded

Anyone have any tips to make them look larger and wider, or bring out the color more?

Thanks!Any eye makeup advice...?
watch this!

Practice the lash curler if you're new to it, it will be uncomfortable at first but it's easy to get used to and try the white liner thing, it really works!!!Any eye makeup advice...?
Hmm, for making your eyes bigger, I've heard that putting white eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes makes it a lot bigger looking, I'm not totally sure if it's true or not but you should try it (: Also, I think maybe putting some gold colored eyeshadow would look good with your eyecolor. Oh, and maybe try putting some concelear under your eyes so you lookk more awake. Hope this helped (:
Using a light color shadow from lid to brow will open up the eye. Also, skip the heavy brown liner. It makes your eyes look smaller. If you are wearing colored shadow, be sure to use a highlighting color (like a sparkly cream) in the corners of your eye and at the middle of the browline. Hope that helps!
Well, since your eyes are green you don't want to go for too much of a black look.

You could use some dark green eyeliner on the top of your lids

and than don't put any liner into your water line.

If you would like you could apply some right outside your water line, which is right in the bottom lashes.

and alot of mascara helps bolden eyes out.
Me too! make sure you dont use eyeliner around your whole eye, make sure the bottom eye connects to the top on the corner of your eye, also use an eyelash curler and a good mascara!

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