Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sexy vampire makeup advice, and do I need fangs? Please help!?

I'm going clubbing for Halloween as a vampire, but I want to look sexy rather than scary.

What sort of makeup should I do for a vampire?

Do I need fangs? I'd rather not because I'm worried they might get in the way, what do you think?

This is me (although I have an Amy Winehouse style wig):鈥?/a>

Thanks for your help!Sexy vampire makeup advice, and do I need fangs? Please help!?
I'd get fangs, otherwise your dressed up really aren't you?

Take them out if they get in the way.

Wear smokey eyes, red lip stick or gloss (but if it looks too much wear a pale stick/gloss instead).

Wear a dark pencil skirt and some form of frilly top and heels. Wear a cape too if you want?Sexy vampire makeup advice, and do I need fangs? Please help!?
You have beautiful pale skin which you should defo take advantage of to achieve the vampire look, so I would keep foundation/bronzer etc minimal.

I would also do smoky eyes and finish it with red lipstick (but make sure it's a shade that suits you).

I think fangs would be good as long as they're not too OTT and wouldn't get in the way whilst dancing/talking! I think even without them it would be quite obvious what you are dressed as so I don't think they're vital.

Hope this helps!
I think you should wear fangs. You can get some at Hot Topic, they come in a little coffin box. They go on only the ';fang'; teeth and they look real. Also if they get in your way you can take them out and always put them back on later. I would just wear my usual makeup with black eye liner. Vampires look like everyone else in the movies.

Have Fun!!!
Yeah you should have fangs. You should put light makeup on so it wont look like your a dead vampire.

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