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Where can i find advice about how to put on makeup?

i'm an 18 year old girl who was never taught how to put on makeup. it was always my mom's rule that i couldnt wear makeup cause she thought i was too young but i moved in with my dad and he doesnt care but i still dont know what to do. i dont have any friends or family who could teach me. anybody have a suggestion?Where can i find advice about how to put on makeup?
1st rule of thumb, less is more. There are plenty of make up sites out there on the web. Check out http://www.makeoveridea.com/ also go to a mary kay party, just tell them to not make it too extreme. LOL Ask a few girlfreinds to help out as well. Honestly, mascara, eyeliner, blush, %26amp; a light lipstick is the best. No foundation unless you NEED it.Where can i find advice about how to put on makeup?
asking some friends and their moms usually helps. but yes less is more. and also a good rule of thumb, focus on one thing. If you want smokey eyes use a natural color for your lips, or if you want bold lips, natural not too dark eyes.

also you have to kind of toy around with the colors to find what colors are right for your skin tone. You can also go to a department store and ask them, they can help you out alot. If there's a women's convention that comes around (like the Southern Women's Show) they usually have booths for the avon and macy's makeup people and they do make overs then give you a thing that tells you exactly what colors and kinds of makeup they used. It's really a great thing to do.

But the best thing is to find what you like and what looks best and just figure some of it out. Trial and error
www.youravon.com/kdavenport there is a link on the homepage with tons of makeup tips
There are actually some decent YouTube videos with instructions on doing makeup. You can also go to a nice department store in your area and visit the makeup counter. They will show you how to use all kinds of makeup for free. Just ask for a makeover or consultation.
Get your makeup done by a makeup artist they teach u some grat tricks:) Goodluck hun
Mary Kay consultants are good at this...look up online...one could visit with you
Tips on Makeup /cosmetic tricks /celebrities makeup/

hair highlighting /Weightloss /Hairremoval/ etc...


Tips on Eye makeup / Smokey eyes


Tips on mineral/bare mineral makeup and how to apply...

There's all kinds of books and magazine articles about it. So, go check at a library or bookstore. Also, most big stores who sell makeup (Macys, Ulta, Sephora) can show you the basics.
aww I would come over and teach you if we were closer :)

since that can't happen, i looked through some websites and found one that i thought gave a good overview:


let me know if have anymore questions

I hope that helps !! and good luck :)
Try going to a make-up counter at a department store. I suggest this to figure out what colors work best for you-you don't have to buy there. However they say that higher priced makeup has more pigments in it, therefore you use less and buy less. I don't know if this is true or not. Applying make-up is a trial and error process. The biggest mistake-too much. Enhance what you already have. Use colors that best bring out your colors. Personally I avoid pearl shadows, I stick with matte. I tried foundations and found that they clouded my complextion, clogged my pores and I could never match the color-either (it was too light or too dark-leaving a line.) If you have freckles (like me) be proud of them -don't hide them and don't let anyone else tell you should! I have brown/green eyes, fair to medium skin. I use neutral earthy tones for my eyshadow-a lot of brown, a brownish/black eyeliner (kohl pencil-sharpens like a pencil), brownish/black or soft black mascara(I like Max Factor), and a pinkish blush. When applying eyeliner-don't draw a line-it looks fake-lightly dot it on. Also I avoid waterproof mascara-I find that it is clumpier than non-waterproof and it makes eyelashes brittle. Also invest in an eyelash comb (separates lashes), an eyelash curler (used before applying mascara) it opens the eye giving the illusion that they are bigger and makes mascara application easier. Also buy a brush for applying blush-I never use the one that comes in the compact-you get a nice even application with a bigger brush. Try experimenting when you don't have anywhere to go-take your time. Get opinions of friends or family. Before you know it-you'll be a pro! Good Luck!

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