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What sort of things should i do to myself to make me look better (hair style and makeup advice please!)?

Im a bit of a plain jane atm, i want to look different :P鈥?/a>

thanks xWhat sort of things should i do to myself to make me look better (hair style and makeup advice please!)?
bangs would look nice....What sort of things should i do to myself to make me look better (hair style and makeup advice please!)?
If you have a round face your face will be as wide as it is long. This may vary a little where your face is not quite as wide as it is long, but within 1/4 to 1/2 inches.

If you have a round face you will have fullness at and below your cheekbones. People with round faces also tend to have wide hairlines and their necks often seem short.

If you measure your face and it doesn't fit the round shape according to the prescribed measurements, you may have a different face shape. Or you may have mostly a round face with some minor differences. Keep in mind that most human face shapes do not perfectly fit into one category and may include features of other face shapes.

Some suggestions:-

Your perfect hairstyle:

Luca Sparti of Paul Windle Salon, London, says: ';Contrary to belief, lots of hairstyles suit a round face.';(my hair styler also says the same thing.The difference is that Luca is known all over the world whereas, my hair styler is only known in my locality!!!lolz)

鈥?Medium to long curly hair? Ask your stylist for some choppy layers through the back and the bottom of your hair to give it some shape and sex appeal. Whether your hair is long or short, if it's prone to a wave or curl, avoid at all costs ending up with a rounded 'bubble cut'.

鈥?Straight hair? The golden rule to remember is that round faces need a style that has longer pieces that fall onto your face to lengthen your cheeks - making them look slimmer and your

cheekbones more structured. Try a graduated bob cut on to the face and higher at the back. Alternatively, a choppy shag will suit your face shape.

鈥?Fringe options: Don't go near a short blunt fringe - it will only emphasise a round face. On the other hand, a long wispy fringe will look great and suit fine hair. And if your hair is thicker, a longer fringe that you can sweep to the side will lengthen your face.

鈥?Colour you sexy: Talk to your stylist about low lights at the side of the face and lighter highlights at the top of the head to create the illusion of lustrous length.


Chin length hair with a rounded line that mirrors face鈥檚 circular shape. Center parts. Short-short crops, straight ';chopped'; bangs. Fullness at side of ears. A rounded haircut ending at the chin will certainly add weight to your face shape. Because the widest part of your face is at the cheeks and ears, you need to avoid having the fullness of the cut here as it will make your face appear wider.

Other round face celebrities include:

Ingrid Bergman, Roseanne Barr, Kate Winslet, Natalie Merchant, Drew Barrymore, Christina Ricci, Charlotte Church

Best Luck! (am tired now....wrote a lot....!!!!)
I'd say streak your hair all over with light blond streaks and get a choppy layered cut, something that suits your hair's natural texture.

Nothing makes a plain girl stand out more than a becoming a blond.

As for makeup I'd concentrate on playing up your eyes with mascara and eye liner, colors that suit your eye color.

I can't really tell what color your eyes are so I'd suggest black mascara and black eye liner and just some lip gloss.

I think people should only play up one feature on their face at a time or they risk looking silly and over made up.

If your eyes are blue or green than a dark purple mascara can bring the color out a lot in stead of a black.

Almay has some make up that plays up or accentuates different eye colors.
possibly side bangs. some big red highlights (i think red would compliment your skin tone, and it usually wipes away any plain jane aspect).

get your hair layered

Define your cheekbones with some blush.

Put on some toner, you're looking a bit pasty

some lip plumper and pink lipgloss (although if you dont go with the red highlights you can use more red shades of gloss/stick)

eyeliner and mascara. for eyeshadow stick with dusty gold
If you ask me, you're pretty as it is.

But if your looking for somethin different then maybe you could try some bangs, and getting your hair in highlights or maye even a new color.

Also you could try out some eyeliner and mascara to bring out your eyes :]
if u were you i would get heavy side bangs cut like this.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

idkk something like that
curl it a bit.

and clip your hair up so it looks a bit like a curtain if you get me?

and you dont need make up

just curl your eyelashes and put a bit of mascara on.
An afro would look nice on you.
Get bangs, highlights, and layers.
streak your hair blonde with some cheap 12 dollar wash out dye, and fringe
straight across bangs, def.
hm maybe try dying your hair or getting an edgy hairstyle

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