Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup Advice?

I am 15 years old and starting junior year (Grade 11.) I have brown hair, dark brown eyes, and very pale skin with freckles (I have to wear light ivory foundation) My skin is slightly acne prone, but foundation easily covers up my minor blemishes. Please suggest cute and simple makeup for the first day of school and an everyday routine.Makeup Advice?
For flawless, airbrushed looking skin, try Bare Minerals. They are so natural that you can actually sleep in it. They'll definitally enhance your skin tone too.

For popping eyes, try using plums, purples, and browns. Also, black eyeliner on the bottom really makes the white part even brighter.

I would also definitally recomend trying a lip plumper. They're fun if you don't want to play up your eyes some days.Makeup Advice?
No heavy black eyeliner!!! seriously! use a peachy pink blush, dark brown eyeliner just on top lashline, and a gold-not too sparkly eyeshadow. One coat of black mascara, clear/light lip gloss.
i think its almay but they have a whole thing for people wit brown eyes
i don't know.. go to vicky belo..
I'm fifteen and starting my junior year too!!

Here, this is what you do.

This only will take 5 to 10 minutes to do by yourself.

1.put on moisturizer first before you put foundation on.

2.use a light shimmery white eyeshadow and brush it under your brow and the dab a little dot on the teardrop of your eye.

3.after brush eyeshadow on the all over your eyes.(golden brown,gold, light green, or a pale pink or purple)This will surely make your brown eyes pop.

4.put just a little dark brown eyeliner on and mascara.

5.Then put rosy or peach blush on your cheekbones.

6. Lastly put a clear gloss on or a light pink.

This look will absolutely make you look fresh and stunning!!

hope i helped!!! :)
keep the foundation but use maskara,eyeshodow and liner.

when you use the eye shadow do one color on your eye lid and asike color up to your brow, make that the shadow on you eye matches what you are wereing.

for your eye liner use black purple or brown then aply under eye and abouve eye.

when you put on maskara you should get a curved brush and wipe off any extea maskara on the brush then aply, the curved brush is the easyest to use.

put on your clothes first and do you hair, then do make up.
try using light brown, dark brown, and purple eye shadow.. they will make your eyes totally pop! and also some purple eye liner will really enhance your eyes and also some good mascare..

this should only take five minutes in the morning and you will look great!!!

change to a slightly darker foundation and then lightly brush some bronzer over your cheek bones. try blending sparkerly white eyeshadow with a light pink shade across your eyelids. then apply a lash curl mascara. with a dark pink lip gloss. :)

dont use eyeliner unless you really want to stand out.

rimmel london and mayberline is great for eyewear.
Use a tinted sunblock because it doubles up as a sunblock as well as a foundation. Apply a dash of blusher over your cheeks and the bridge of your nose to get a sunkissed blush.

To achieve bigger and brighter looking eyes, use a crayon eyeliner to line eyes on your upper lids. Or if not, use an eyelash curler, and then apply mascara.

For brown hair, use light brown lipgloss. Choose more natural tones that compliments your skin tone.

If you have more time and a little more cash to spare, get shimmery powder (I recommend MAC's irediscent powder) and use a brush to apply it at your browbones and a little over the bridge of your nose. This helps to bring out your features and can gives an instant lift and brightness to your face! :)
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