Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advice on makeup colors or tones?

I'm not really very good at picking out good shades of makeup for myself. I do fine helping other people, but I fall short when looking for my own products.

I have grey eyes, auburn hair, and olive toned skin. I generally don't use mascara, as my eyelashes are already quite long and dark.

Does anyone have suggestions?Advice on makeup colors or tones?
The most important factor is your olive skin. I don't think it is your fault that you have trouble. Cosmetic companies tend to fall short with shades that compliment your skin tone.

I think pinkish reds, neutrals (neither warm or cool), and deep blues will look good on you.Advice on makeup colors or tones?
With grey eyes you would suit a lovely purple or navy blue eye liner to start with. Black mascara, if you like.

The look seems to be more to a natural colour as far as lipsticks go. With your colouring I would try a natural peachy/brown shade, or a gloss with a hint of raspberry.
This is hard to do without a picture.

Here are lists of cool and warm colors.


soft white, pinks, cherry red, coral, lemon, mint, jade, forest, sky, royal, navy, lavender, plum, gray, black, and silver jewelry


ivory, tomato red, peach, orange, rust, golden yellow, lime, kelly, olive, aqua, turquoise, teal, bright purple, caramel, coffee brown, and gold jewelry

If undecided, hold black up to your face, then deep dark brown; bright blue, and bright orange.

From your coloring description, and your lack of success, I'd say you are a Spring [ warm ].



warm greens

warm blues

warm purples

warm browns

Accents: ivory, peach, and gold








tomato red



Have fun!

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